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Interview with Amon Amarth


The ferocious melodic death metallers Amon Amarth have progressed to one of the biggest, most successful bands, headlining festivals and selling out shows worldwide. Metal Invader talked with guitarist, Johan Soederberg about everything and of course about what to expect from them at Release Athens Festival. 

How is quarantine life treating vikings?

Well since we’re mostly out on the open sea in our tour ship it doesn’t effect us at all.

How do you feel 28 years and 11 studio albums later?

I feel proud of how much we have accomplished during all these years. I also think its really cool that our fan base and we as a band is still growing.

Has Amon Amarth changed you as people at all?

My old friends that have known me since I was a kid usually tell me that I’m the same person as I always have been. I don’t know if that’s good or not, haha.

Are there any interesting back stories behind the new “Berserker” album?

One thing that we did not do on our previous albums was that we changed a lot of guitar amps for different songs so there’s a slightly different sound between the songs.

Amon Amarth, Metal Blade Records, Sweden, Melodic Death Metal,Release Athens Festival, Release Athens Festival 2020
Photo by Volca Media

Is there anything you would want to change if you could after all those years in the band? Were there things that you regret or things you think you should have done in a more thoughtful way, regarding the band, or do you think that people learn through their mistakes and go on?

I’m sure there’s lots of stuff we would have done different if we could but that’s not something I spend time thinking about since it’s not possible. You also learn a lot from your mistakes.

Do you think that Amon Amarth have actually created their own unique style?

I think that we have a unique sound and style, When you put one of our records on it’s easy to hear after just a couple of seconds that it is an Amon Amarth album.

Which Amon Amarth album is your favorite one?

It’s hard to say, since you usually like the latest album most when it’s released but when you look back after some years its usually some other album.

What has been the band’s best and worst moment so far?

The best I think is that we are still growing and evolving our live shows and our band. The worst I can think of right now is the shows we had to cancel or postpone because of this fucking virus that’s around.

Amon Amarth, Metal Blade Records, Sweden, Melodic Death Metal,Release Athens Festival, Release Athens Festival 2020
Photo by Volca Media

Would you ever consider making an album that leaves behind the Amon Amarth Viking theme?

No, I think that it is our style and it wouldn’t feel like us if we ditched that theme.

You have been with legendary Metal Blade Records since day one. How did you maintain that?

We have a good relationship with them it’s as simple as that.

Sabaton, Testament, Amon Amarth, News,2020, Release Athens,Heavy Metal,Melodic Death, ThrashIn July you’re coming back to Greece with Sabaton and Testament, as part of the Release Athens Festival. Any expectations we should have?

I hope I will have time to eat some great Greek food and you should expect a great show!

What are your plans for the rest of 2020?

We have lots of plans and I hope nothing gets in the way for them.

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