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Interview with AngelInc


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Hello, this is Elpida and I welcome you to Metal Invader! It’s nice to have you with us! I thought that since you’ll be visiting Thessaloniki next week, that’s a good chance to get to know you better! So, first of all, is everybody alright? Are you getting ready for your show here?

Hi Elpida, nice to chat with you.We, as a band are so much looking forward to our show in Thessaloniki. We have a lot of friends who live in this beautiful city. It feels almost like coming home. Only with better temperatures.

Angelinc, quite a distinct choice of name! Care to give us an insight as to what it means and why was it chosen for your band?

The name AngelInc – represents the merging of both Angelus and Incubus, but on a far, far greater level. Angelus, being the white Angel of beauty and ambassador of all things good, is suddenly united with the fearsome and macabre Incubus; the Dark Lord and root of all evil. We, as mere mortals are born to balance on the thin edge of a thin blade, with kindness on the one side, whilst on the other; the more evil, darker side. And the constant struggle that Mankind will always have. So in the end AngelInc represents the good and the bad that we all carry inside of us. The angel and the devil.

You were formed in 2012 and already seven years have passed. What were your initial goals when you first formed the band and how many of them have you accomplished to this day?

The first goals of a growing band are simple. Record an album, play live, make a music video and keep doing what you love to do. It’s the way of Rock’n’Roll and the way is the goal. But I always had the dream to play in Thessaloniki with my own band once, because I love this city and the people there. This is about to happen in a few days, and I can’t fuc*** wait!

Your musical background, Marco, is full of bands and projects, like Centaur, Heavenward, Powerworld, Redrum. First of all, are you still engaged in any of these bands and projects or are you focusing exclusively on Angelinc?

At the moment my main focus will be AngelInc. It takes all my free time as I am writing, producing etc. All DIY. Our new single is just out in the open: THE ONE. But I do not exclude that I will work together on other projects or bands in the future. It is always nice to discover new influences, countries and people. I am always open for any good music adventure.

Was the formation of Angelinc a way to express a different emotion or a different part of your personality, considering your involvement in the aforementioned bands? Was it time to offer something new?

First of all I never thought that I could growl or sing. As I started to discover that from and inside myself I soon came up with a much heavier sound in which my deep roots, expressions and preference lie. Indeed it was time for me to listen to my darker voice. I always liked the idea to mix clear vocals with growls and unfortunately nobody I worked with before was sharing these ideas, so I started my own project, learned to play the guitar riffs, which were coming straight out of mind, worked out the grooves and just started recording.

Comparing your releases and singles etc, I got the notion that the band as evolves in a good way as time passes by. I mean, it’s clear that everyone’s influences are filtered and produce music that has its own identity. It feels like Angelinc, with the integration of all its members, has reached a wanted point. Is that the case from your point of you or is it just me? Haha!

Thank you so much for the compliment. Yes, it is true as we are all so much investing our time, heart and soul into AngelInc. As time goes by and you spend a lot of time together in the rehearsal room you get to know each other really well and that speaks to it music wise.

As time passes, the live appearances of the band keep increasing in numbers, in on-stage collaborations and of course your fanbase becomes bigger day by day. Concerning your shows and the bands you’ve worked with this day, is there a collaboration or a tour you want to establish with a certain band of the field? Do you feel close to anyone?

I am an old school metalhead and I grew up with bands like Machine Head, Panter, Lamb of God… If we could do a tour with them…wow, that would be one hell of a dream coming true. Hahaha… But before we make it that far, it would already be something when these bands would have ever heard of us! Hahaha!

Concerning the crowd, it’s always delightful to see more and more people enjoying your music, sing along your lyrics and even personalize the band’s messages or mentality. In the end of the day how important is it to have such fans? Are they the fuel that keep you going strong?

You are hitting the nail on the head. Our fans are so important to AngelInc. That is what keeps us always going. The feed back from our fans at festivals, concerts and on the internet is always heartwarming. It is the air we can not breathe without.

Being a member of the scene for many years, from your point of view, what do you think is the most striking difference and similarity of the music industry, comparing the past with today?

The biggest difference is the way of publishing your music nowadays. The kids are not buying albums anymore, they are only streaming songs via Spotify and co, which makes it so hard for musicians to get featured and heard if you’re not used to it. The only way is to deal with it, and leave the old ways, when you recorded an album, it was pressed, sent to record companies in a real letter. No E-Mails, Elektronik Press Kits and stuff… The music scene nowadays has become a virtual world.

Do you keep up with local scenes or underground bands? How do you see the Metal Scene state in 2019?

We as a band keep up with our local scene and visit always a lot of other concerts.

The greater lot of the artists out there like to convey a certain message via their lyrics. What’s the case for Angelinc? Is there an idea that you want to be passed on to your fans?

For us as a band it is important to always keep thinking yourselves. That it also what our lyrics express. About politics, the world, enviremont etc. Do always question what you hear and make up your own mind.

What are the next steps for Angelinc? What does the future hold for the band?

We are now releasing a lot of new singles till spring 2020. Keep your eyes open for that. We are exciting to share our new music with our fans all over the world. We hope to play a lot of festivals next year.

What should we expect from your show in Thessaloniki? What have you prepared for us?

We will play a shorter set of around an hour, first time hitting the stage with a guest drummer, Kostas Matis (Nickname: Batman), from Thessaloniki. The setlist will be a mix of old and new already published songs, but we also have 2 songs with us, that were never heard by public audience before. So it will be the most special show we ever played under these circumstances.

Instead of ending abruptly this conversation, would you like to send a message to our readers in Greece and maybe fire them up in view of your upcoming appearance?

This goes out to all the rockers and metalheads out there: I always loved your country, especially Thessaloniki Rock City and I ever dreamed of rocking for YOU with AngelInc at Eightball, where I played my very first show in Greece with REDRUM many years ago. This thing coming up is not just a gig. It’s a fucking duty! It’s special! Be there and let us tear down the place together! Can’t wait to party with you. In the Name of Metal and Rock’n’Roll! \m/

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