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Interview with Arcturus


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Arcturus interview. Reply by Steinar Sverd Johnsen

As a first note, I cannot describe how happy I am that I am about to finally see you performing in Athens, Greece, this April. What have you been up to?

Hello and thanks. Lately we have been making new tracks for the upcoming album, that is soon ready, just some small adjustments here and there now before we’ll go in studio and record the drums.

You did a run of summer festivals during 2022, which I think were your first shows after Covid 19. If we exclude of course, the live stream back in 2020. Was it hard adjusting to being on the road?

It has been such a pleasure to have gigs again without restrictions, where everybody can stand and go around freely. We had several covid gigs, 2 of them was put on streaming, those gigs was harder as there was nobody in front of stage, just silence between the tracks. So happy were back.

Speaking of Covid which affected all musicians and touring acts, how were Arcturus affected by it? Did it help you evolve creatively or it was a time to take a break from everything?

There was mostly a break from traveling with all restrictions, in Norway we managed to have some gigs, some with 100 people sitting 2 outdoor, with 100 people standing and one without anybody in, only livestream. Rest of the time has been used on rehearsing and composing new material.

The band has been through several changes all these years. What have been the biggest ups and downs so far?

The downs must be that there was no touring in the 90´s, after the first gig in december´95 there was no gig before 2004. Not to rip things up for old members but there was big disagreements on if Arcturus should remain a studio band or go live. The ups are big, the joy of performing music and be able to share it with so many other people , travel around the globe and meet many of these people, create crazy harmonies and music labyrints that take time to consume.

Arcturus’ unique avant-garde music and aesthetics have inspired several new acts. Have you been catching up with new music that is coming out, something that might have amazed you?

For me its classical music that is on the top of the list, and has always been. lately there is not too much that caught my mind, I had a little blast on one Keep of Calessin album while ago, but nothing that I can mention.

It was once noted on your social media, that there’s a new track coming out. I believe this was around 2017 when it was announced. Still however, no clue of any new studio music since 2015. Any plans for releasing material soon?

That 2017 song was planned out on a special release together with a video, but it never happened , lately I have been making many new tracks and there is plans to start drum recording shortly after coming home from Greece, also there is a new Mortem album ready for studio rec.

You are about to return to Greece in a few weeks from now. We last saw you 5 years ago. What will be different this time?

Were still discussing setlist , as there is many good tracks to choose between, what were going to do is our little secret…

Any plans to reschedule the cancelled European tour any time soon?

We don’t have any new dates on that yet, everything is now pending on the new album and when that is going to be ready.

What are your expectations from the Greek audience, what can you recall from the last time?

There is always a pleasure to play in Greece and I’m sure it will be a total blast this time too.

Any news on your calendar that we should be keeping an eye on?

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Thanx Steinar Sverd Johnsen

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