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Interview with Black Trip


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Probably a band taken its name from a Samael song with the same name wouldn’t sound like Black Trip. But these Swedes are one of the best heavy metal rock bands out here playing exactly this kind of music. Thin Lizzy meets N.W.O.B.H.M. as glorious past meets the future of heavy metal. In their own words…

Well, it’s been two years since “Goin’ Under”. What was people’s reaction to the band’s debut, what was the feedback that you have received until now? Personally, I think it’s a great album, destined to be a classic one (if it isn’t already

We were positively surprised for sure. We had no bigger plan than to record an album that we liked ourselves, in the vain of something we haven’t done before.


Did you tour to support it? How possible it is to promote it when most members are involved in other bands?

We mostly played around Sweden at that time, and we did one show in Athens which was a lot of fun of course. We just try to play as much as possible, and if you plan it well, it wont collide.

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Talk to me about the new album. I’m stunned, I think it’s even better than the debut, you sound like you’ve worked even more, taking it to the next step, but also keeping the old school spirit.

We dare to show more diverse sides of our songwriting on this album, and we also have a more clear idea of what this band is about now. I like going under as well, but that whole album became more of an experiment than shadowline, this time I wanted to make sure that I could be 100 percent happy with everything on the album. That have been said, it doesn’t mean we don’t have more to give on the next one.


In my ears, ‘Shadowline’  sounds like the perfect mixture of early Iron Maiden (circa Killers) and Thin Lizzy. Talk to me about your musical influences.

Our music has a basic platform grounded on our shared passion for classic heavy metal, but then we build on that platform with all our personal influences from all kinds of different stuff independent on year and genre.


Where and when was ‘Shadowline’ recorded? Any details, cool stories etc during the album recordings?

We recorded at nickeanderssons studio just outside of Stockholm. The studio session was very intense, we worked hard for ten days. One day we brought in our friend jansandvik, he really wanted to do guest vocals and he was really pushing about it.This was in February so the roads were filled with ice, when jan arrived in his fiat he manage to slide off the road just outside the studio and break his jaw.It was funny and his voice sounded just super retarded.

 Black Trip,Interviews,2015,Heavy Metal,News,Sweden

Its cover is a photo again, not a drawn cover, taken the old school way; it reminds me of the legendary NWOBHM era and it shows the unity of the band. Any cooments on that?

It’s something we have thought a lot about. We did not want to have the 80s image with monsters or to much colors. I think the photo cover matches our music better.


Talk to us about your lyrical themes. It appears to me that your lyrics are a bit more personal and realistic rather than this occult/satanic/black magic trend of the past few years.

To some extent the lyrics are based on personal things but in a cryptic and metaphoric way. The surrealism is still in the lyrics, as on the first album.


What’s your opinion on the revival of the old school of the past few years? Many bands, among them Enforcer, the late In Solitude, Portrait and many others are keeping the old  heavy metal spirit alive. Is it something that comes from the heart? Will it last? Or are you “only in it for the money” (Fr. Zappa)?

To get into the business of rock music in 2015 would probably be the most stupid thing to do if you are looking to earn money. Its definitely something that comes from the heart.

Black Trip,Interviews,2015,Heavy Metal,News,Sweden 

Any news from CC Company? What news from the Enforcer camp? I think that Black Trip are not that much a professional band, which, in my opinion, adds to the inspiration part. I don’t mean that you don’t do it right, but I think that Black Trip sounds like a more inspired act, without the extensive and demanding Enforecerprogramme!

Cc company are putting out two more 7” within the next months. Enforcer will tour Europe, Japan and U.S.A.. Black trip is a different thing from Enforcer, I agree on that. Black trip is based on the mid tempo while Enforcer is way more faster.


Any future plans?

Touring, but also we have new songs, so we will begin to plan the next record already.


The ending credits are yours. Close the conversation as you like!

Ok, well thank you for listening to ‘Shadowline’, im really happy its reaching out to you, and I hope to see you in Greece soon, take care!

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Рандолф Картер
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