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Interview with Breakthrough for the Wreck Macedonia Fest


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Bonjour monsieurs, I hope you are all fine. First, I want you to tell me in a few sentences, what is “Breakthrough”. Who are you, how you started and all these nice stuff.

Good morning from us! Breakthrough is a party of 4 people, who gather to write music and have a good time and of course we write the music we love! It all started in July 2011, where Chris (drums) Evris (guitar), Tek (guitar / vocals) and Nick (bass) got together and decided to start a thrash metal band. At first we only played covers. Along the way Lysandros filled Tek’s shoes and John filled Nick’s; that was when we started composing our own songs!

You released your first album “Against All”, which has created its own fanbase for quite some time now. Is this what you expected? Are you happy?

Of course we are happy! Can you not be happy with your first job? Generally the record moves pretty well so far, which pleases us even more!

Thinking about shooting a music video for one of your songs?

From “Against All” we have already prepared, together with the Unknown Productions team, a video of the track “Pedal to the Metal”, which is something like a tribute video to Colin McRae. For a new music video, will probably consider it for the next album.

Are you working on any new material? Thoughts of releasing it? If yes, anytime soon?

We have already written a great deal of the next album, which will be quite faster and “darker”. If all goes well, in 2015 we’ll have it ready.

Which are the biggest influences of the band? Who do you “blame” for your existence today?

We blame the 80’s… All of these giants of the metal scene was the reason we began composing music and be influenced as time passed!

If you had the opportunity to work with someone for your new album, who would that be? Personas both from abroad and the local scene, of course.

Difficult question… There are so many big names that are difficult to distinguish only one!

Recently you announced your participation in Wreck Macedonia Fest on 31 May. How does this come about?

This came after a conversation we had with PowerCrue and to our great surprise, they invitd us to participate, which is why we accepted!

Have you reserved any surprises for your audience in this festival?

Hmmm… We do have something in mind, yes!!!

You are a band that its members are scattered in different cities for a long time, either for study or work or whatever. Has that created you any problems?

Nah not… We never had problems in understanding. The only problem is that we cannot rehearse or go out to have fun each week. The only good thing that comes out here is that when we’re all gathered together we’re horny and excited!

If you stayed together in Thessaloniki for example, do you believe that you could move differently? Would you make different choices or theoretically make faster progress with the issues of the band?

Surely we would be far more often in the studio for rehearsals, we would write more pleasant and faster music and generally yes, we would have moved faster!

What is the greatest dream of the band? It is a dream that you all share or is it something you have set as a goal when you saw that your venture had response?

Our dream is to play some time with all the names that have influenced us, which partly was fulfilled when we played with Sodom!

What is your view on the local scene? Do you see a future? And where may this depend?

We have a pretty nice local scene! We should be all satisfied with our stage! So many bands come out every year and now there are many who achieve their goals and start touring abroad and in general have begun to be in demand!

How can someone come into contact with you to obtain material or to be aware of your next moves?

On our page on facebook: www.facebook.com/Breakthrough.the.band

You can close the interview any way you like, the last words are yours. What message would you like to send to our readers and those who follow you?

If there is madness and desire, nothing can stop anyone! HELL YEAH!!

photo credits:“ISR photography”

photo credits:“ISR photography”

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