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Interview with Building Chaos


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Hi, guys! How are things going?

Good evening! We’re very happy to be with you, having the chance to have a chat!

Building Chaos was created in 2000. You are active for fifteen years now, continuing your journey with the same passion. Tell us in a few words the band’s story.

The band was created in early 2000 with a certain thrash orientation and with a different line-up. We were very active at that time, with frequent live acts and an album in our portfolio, there was some fuss around our name, however, the band has slowly slackened, reaching the point of breaking up. At the end of 2013, original band members Lobo (guitar/voice) and Petros (bass) teamed up with Nikos (drums) and Obel (guitar). We started off in a new basis, with fresh sound and huge appetite. We decided to keep the original name. Now, a little more than a year after that, we are convinced that our experiment has succeeded.

What are your current releases and what are your plans for the future?

Given that what we are nowadays doing has nothing to do with our past efforts, last autumn and after almost one year of coexistence, we have recorded a sample of our new sound – three songs, which anyone is able to listen in our new “house” www.buildingchaos.gr . After this summer we will be recording our first full-length.

So, are you working on new rhythms, compositions lyrics and songs?

Lucky for us, new ideas and songs are eventuating constantly. This is like a blessing and a curse at the same time, especially now that we have to choose what will be in the album. Our many influences and at the same time the challenge of harmonically blending these elements, leads us to the point of overworking on each song. Still, it is a very pleasing process. We really believe in our new stuff. It has something really new to give. Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t invent the wheel or something, but I surely hope that ourselves and the fans will all enjoy the outcome.

The last two years, if I am not mistaken, you have enriched your music with southern/stoner/sludge elements. Do you believe that it’s a good thing changing your traditional sound? How come you didn’t rely on thrash again?

Well, for one we love thrash. It lives in us. We started playing thrash almost twenty years ago and we grew up with it. Still, when you realize that, step by step, new elements appear in your music, without rushing them, well, that is something you can not overlook. This was a sign of what’s to come. It surely is a trend, we must admit that, though southern blues is a style one can develop and manage only after years of playing and that is the case here. For me, even playing country and blues for years, either you get awarded with a good outcome when the time is right, either you never get. Now, it is purely subjective, if our music is good or not. When we make quality music, which we enjoy and we see that there is great feedback, then the rest is meaningless.

How would you describe your music? It’s not pure metal, neither pure stoner nor pure rock…

Believe me, we’ve just stopped thinking about that. There is no answer! In our songs one can find old classic metal, Tom Waits, BB King, NWOBHM, Texas and Memphis blues, early 90’s heavy sound, acoustic guitars, dobros, cigar box guitars and many more. The only given thing is the heavy sound. Judge by yourselves!

What is your lyrical direction? Are you considering on exploring something new?

Personally the lyrical concept in this project has made me very happy. It is probably the first time that we have escaped from the clichés of the genre (without implying that those clichés are unworthy – far from that). The lyrics still spawn from our personal experience, we have grown up and have now a different perspective of things. And, for the first time, all of us took part in the writing of the lyrics. This alone makes every song unique, and Lobo managed to get in the heart of each song, to sing them like they were written by him. In those lines you will find personal relations, esoteric struggle, the biography of a western desperado and other similar stuff.

As far as I know, the shooting of your new video-clip has finished a month ago. At what point are you currently with that?

We are currently working on the montage with the experienced Aris Koulaidis from Riseout Productions. We wanted to make something special with all of our long acquainted friends from all those years. We had one hell of a day during the shooting and we’d like to thank Kostas Vavatsikos for trusting his beautiful joint with us and all the bands for lending their members so that they got to be on camera with us. Hopefully, after Easter the video-clip will be ready, though there is a trailer in our site, so that you can get a glimpse at it.

What are your feelings towards the Greek rock and Metal scene? Is there any chance for the Greek bands to compete with the ones abroad (besides the already international Greek bands)?

There are many good musicians, worthy productions, groups that go beyond our borders, mini or maxi tours with great success, generally speaking, the level has climbed up and that is impressive for sure. The scene was always eating its own flesh. Many bands are equal to foreign bands, if not even worthier. There is huge potential and technology and the social media are of great assistance now, helping the bands to be heard all over the world. The scene is bound to become stronger, and it was about time for that.

I’m sure that if you had to ask just about anyone what his musical preferences are, the answer would contain more than a few music styles. What are your own preferences as a band?

Now, that’s hilarious! There is no end to the catalogue, really! We have so many different likings, besides our common denominator – metal, that if you ask us one by one, the answers you will receive will vary from rebetika and blues, Italian tarantelas, swing and classic rock up to extreme black metal bands and everything in between. Our common ground is the loathing for electronic sound, I think.

Building Chaos was scheduled to play in Wreck Athens Fest 2015, but it was cancelled at the eleventh hour. Would you like to say some words about that?

Sadly we do not make our living through music and our jobs can be quite demanding. Even though we had planned for this performance months ahead, a sudden professional journey, that could not be postponed, came as a surprise to one of our members. As a result, to our great dismay, we had to cancel our appearance in a festival we were dying to play at.  The whole organizing, the enthousiasm and appetite the organizers displayed in this project, had won us over from scratch. I hope we’ll make it next year.

What are your future plans for live gigs? Are you planning a tour in Greece, maybe?

Truth is, we are running a little behind regarding live acts, since we have set as our priority the finalizing of the songs that will be in our album and the video-clip. Yet, there are talks going on, so that next month live gigs will be announced both in Athens and the province. We’ve missed playing live and we expect everyone showing up and having fun with us! Stay tuned!

Well, one last question and you’ll be dismissed! How difficult can it be for a band in Greece to be active during the economic crisis?

I remember when we were sixteen, starting with Hellfire and preferring to remain without food in order to buy strings, gear etc, our drummer being burdened with the whole kit in a single train seat on our way to play in Larisa and many more. What I want to say is that when you really love what you do, there’s a way to overcome all problems. Burdens of economical nature or others will always rise in the way. After a certain point these setbacks serve only as excuses. Sure, things are quite harsh the last five years, still we’re talking about music-making and music’s purpose is to entertain people, make them forget about their problems and have fun.

Thank you very much! You may close this interview in your own words!

A big thanks from us to Metal Invader for giving opportunities to bands to show their work, for supporting over the years the music we all love and keep doing it with quality and faith.  We surely wish that you’ll listen to our songs and you’ll dig and enjoy them and we are expecting all of you to come to one of our coming shows, so that we can get to know one another.

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