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Interview with Bulldozing Bastard


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Metal Invader had the chance to chitchat with Bulldozing Bastard about their new release “Under the Ram”, their future plans and the scene in general. Take a look!

Hey there, guys! Thanks for the opportunity for this encounter! How are things going

Stefan: Hey! Thanks for having us! Things are going quite well, we just returned from an awesome show we played at “Heavy Metal Espectros” Festival in Spain; it was a complete blast. Now we’re starting to prepare for our appearance at “Taunus Metal” Festival.

You’ve just released your second full length studio album. An album full of speed, booze and total mayhem.  What has changed since your previous release (“Bulldozing the Vatican”)?

Stefan: We let a lot of different new aspects flow into our music. There’s a whole new variety of songs, including classical Heavy Metal, pure Rock’n’Roll and some harsher Speed Metal stuff.

Irön Kommander: We paid a lot more attention to details in songwriting, recording and sound to deliver an even more intense experience this time around. The whole working progress felt a lot more focused than before.

How was the experience of writing a new album? What were your feelings while producing “Under the Ram”?

Andreas: It felt really good! The whole process was way more creative and open – minded. I’m a huge NWOBHM fan and was very excited to finally add some of it to our own style. The production was very satisfying as always to finally hear these songs as they were meant to sound.

Stefan: We were enthusiastic the whole time, knowing, that what we are doing right now is going to be a great album, containing all these before mentioned variations.

A lot of bands state that during the production of an album, they face various difficulties and problems that cause them frustration or even a delay on releasing their records. Are you one of them? Did you face any problems during the recordings or the mixing / mastering procedures?

Stefan: We are definitely one of them, haha! Even though, this time the recordings themselves were not facing too many problems, we had a lot to critize and rearrange during the mixing process that turned out to last for at least two months.

Irön Kommander: But the biggest delay was just about to come! Before the recordings, we planned to release the album via Evil Spell Records but during the process we decided to take the finished album and search for another label. Luckily, we found the perfect one with High Roller Records but since their schedules were packed ‘til March 2015, we had to wait more than half a year to finally have our album released. But the very professional work of HRR and the perfect distribution were worth the wait.

Talk to us about contributors that made this record a reality. Who was on your side?

Stefan: As Irön Kommander just mentioned, we were really lucky to get this great support from High Roller Records and especially Krugi, for introducing us and clearing the path.

Alright! Since the record has been released for a few days now, what’s the feedback from your fans? Are you satisfied?

Irön Kommander: From what I’ve heard and read so far the feedback was always very positive. It’s amazing to finally hear some opinions and read reviews after this very long latency. There is nothing worse than having something great at hand but you can’t show it to anybody, haha.

There are so many speed / black metal bands out there and as days go by, more and more are coming into surface. What’s that thing that differentiates you from the rest bands in this genre from your point of view?

Stefan: Easy. We’re not a typical Speed/Black Metal band. That’s basically it. Of course, we share a lot of influences with bands making music under that banner, but there are a lot of aspects in which we differ. First of all, we’re not into that cliché satanic lyrics; we don’t play staccato speed metal rhythms and so on. Our approach is developing more from a Rock’n’Roll influence in which, for example, the bass is more than a feeling mixed into the sound, but an actual instrument, haha.

Irön Kommander: We always try to add new influences to create a dynamic style and sound that doesn’t lose itself in boring powerchord riffing and fusty punkiness, like a lot of bands tend to do. From a personal aspect, we also add a shitload of attitude, dedication and passion that you can hear on the record and see at every show. Many people seem to have forgotten that down to earth honesty is still one of the coolest ways to deliver your music to an audience.

You’ve already released a music video for “Under the Ram” track. Are there any plans for another shooting to keep us company through the cold winter nights?

Stefan: Yeah, why not… But that’ll be for the third LP then, I guess, haha! We’re really happy with the result of the first video we shot, without any budget or whatsoever. It got arranged and worked out by Ronnie Ripper, who some might now from Turbocharged, some for being ex-member of Vomitory and Gehennah. He did one hell of a job!

Lyrically you float between crazy alcoholic nights, beating down those who chose to pose and the heavy metal menacing attitude. Do you live by the sword? Is all that every day phenomena?

Stefan: Those kinds of lyrics you just mentioned are more about what you feel when playing music. There are a lot of lyrics we do that deal with topics we experience in our lives, like for example “Alleys Of The Underground”. But songs like “Brassknuckle Deathstrike” are more of an imaginary nature, since we’re not stupid fucks, haha!

From what you’ve already stated you’ll visit Bulgaria for a metal festival there in May. Is there any chance for your Bastard partisans in Greece?

Andreas: We’re always up for dirty deeds everywhere so of course there is a chance! Anyone who organizes concerts or festivals can always contact us and we’ll sure find a way.

Now, that was all I wanted to hear, ahaha! That’s all from me, you can close this interview in any way you want it. Any messages to your supporters or our readers?

Stefan: Thank you! You should all go out and get a copy of “Under The Ram”. Servants, that still hold up the banners of old shall not be disappointed.

Irön Kommander: Thank you for the interview! Get the album and play it as loud as possible! And as always, STAY CLEAN!

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