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Interview with BUS


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We talked with Bill City, vocalist and guitarist of ΒUS, about their debut entitled “The Unknown Secretary”, and also for their influences and other stuff. He turned to be rather Laconic, but certainly true!!

Before I wear my suit and become a serious journalist, I have to ask you… Do you use the bus as a means of transportation?

– I regularly use the bus 666, as this is the one that passes outside my house..!haha

After 2 ΕΡs, this year you released your debut album ”The Unknown Secretary” that I listen too often I have to admit! It’s a great album indeed. Give us a hint about the identity of this unknown secretary.

– The unknown secretary is the band, who else could it be?! Dreams, romances, magic and Rock n’ Roll. Six months have already passed since the official release of the album.

What is the feedback from the Greek and the global underground?

-The only feedback I have is from the social media, and so far I guess that something good is happening, there is some buzz around it….and that’s what is important right now, but it’s impossible to know something beyond that.

Your album consists of a variety of subgenres and is on the edge of heavy rock/heavy metal/doom/stoner and while I was listening to it, I heard a lot of elements from Ηole in the Sky, Monolithic Baby, Orchid, Diamond Head, Angelwitch, Cathedral. Give me 10 albums that you believe that influenced your sound mostly.

– I can’t name 10 albums ‘cause I feel that I will forget to mention too many of them…but I can name 10 bands that we really like/love: Mercyful Fate, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Judas Priest, Metallica, MC5, Sex Pistols, Electric Wizard, and Nirvana!

What procedure do you follow when you compose? How much time do you spend on writing an album?

– Usually there’s an idea, a riff or something and then we just get in the studio and try to create something good out of this and we work it until it gets its final shape. Occasionally we can have something more complete than just a riff, a fledged song; we don’t bank only on jamming on ideas.

How on earth did Ric Bennet from Twin Earth found you, or did you find him? Did you have any other offers from other labels?

– We had some offers from other labels, but we chose Ric and Twin Earth because we thought that we fit better with them. It was love at first sight, haha! Everything was done via internet of course!

How do you see the Greek scene? Which are the strengths and weaknesses, and name some of the difficulties that a Greek band might face?

-The heavy sound scene that is the one that concerns me and I believe this is the one we are talking about here, is flourishing the last few years. It has its good, shitty and hard moments altogether. Time will tell, I am a part of it, so I really don’t know what to tell you, I’m still learning.

This was great! It was nice talking to you. Thanks for the interview and you can close it as you wish.

-We thank you too! Be well and Rock ‘n’ roll!

Sometimes With Frøst In My Keyboard, Sometimes With Sand. Πότε Στα Χιονισμένα Βουνά, Πότε Στη Καυτή Άμμο. https://www.facebook.com/HellenicMetalCluster

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