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Interview with Chalice


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CHALICE (United States,Montpelier, Vermont) EPIC/DOOM METAL

A new hope for heavy metal music emerges from Montpelier US! Chalice brings us one of the best demo releases of the year! I had the great chance to talk to singer Maja Antonia, to learn more about the band.


Hello from Greece, I have to admit that those four songs in the demo completely destroyed me, can’t stop listening to them during the last few weeks! Congratulations!

Maja – Oh thanks!


Give us a brief history of the band.

Maja – We have been together since 2012. The five members of the band Joshua, John, Jeremiah, Mathew, and myself, live in a very rural area where there isn’t much of a “scene” for metal. We are inspired greatly by the nature that surrounds us, the mountains and lakes. Our influences vary but we all have a deep appreciation for classic heavy metal, NWOBHM, etc… The usual suspects.


I consider the music of Chalice as epic/doom but as you say on your facebook page you do not feel that your music fits into any singular sub-genre of metal.

Maja – Although there is a detectable folk music/celtic influence in the music, my hope is that people do not call us “folk metal.” However, I’m not really sure what sub-genre I would use for Chalice, or, which one I would prefer to be labeled as.


Tell us more about the lyrics in the songs.

Maja – I write lyrics that reflect my beliefs and my study of ancient history and folklore/mythology. I feel that what we call “myth” holds several truths that we have forgotten, the hidden past, reflections of our humanity.


Did any of you play in other bands prior to Chalice?

Maja – No other bands for me. My guitarists/drummers have been, nothing notable.


What were the reactions so far to the demo from fans?

Maja – Fans? Well, a lot of people haven’t found out about it yet, but, those who have are very pleased with it.


Where can anyone get hold of the demo? Have you released it in any physical format or just online download in bandcamp?

Maja – We have CDs available, if one leaves a message on bandcamp we can mail it. I do dream of vinyl but it isn’t in the budget right now.


What about the release of a full length album. Do you have any new material written yet?

Maja – We do. We just chose those songs for the demo because we felt they communicate our sound and feel the best, plus we love those songs. We love all of our songs and they are all very personal for me. We have enough for an album, most definitely. We will record I think, once we are signed and decide on a good studio. Or we may choose to self-release if we do not find a label that we feel good about signing with.


Are you familiar with the Greek metal scene?

Maja – Not at all. Funny enough though, the first person to find us on bandcamp and request a CD was a Greek man! I respect the Greek metal heads, they seem very passionate about the music.


Give me your top 5 heavy metal albums.

Maja – Oh dear… that’s hard right off like that. Perhaps Sabbath-Sabbath, Maiden-Number, toss-up between Melissa and Don’t Break the Oath, ummmmm, Accept-Metal Heart, Diamond Head-Lightning, Scorpions-In Trance That’s just my personal opinion. I think the guys would agree, mostly.


Ok, that’s it! Thank you for your time Maja, anything else you want to say to the readers of ‘metal invader’?

Maja – Raise your fucking chalice and long live heavy metal \II/


        Here you can listen to the whole Chalice demo:


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