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Interview with Crowbar


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New Orlean’s sludge metal pioneers bring their low key, slow, brooding doom metal sound fused with hardcore punk aggression for the first time ever to the greek audience. Check out talk with the band a couple of days before the Athens show.

Hello and welcome to Metal Invader! What are your impressions of the March – April european tour?

Did everything go well? Everything was great!! The crowd turnout was amazing.

Do you prefer to play in clubs in front of your fanatical audience or in big festivals like you will do in the summer?

We love playing both. The clubs are great because you can interact with the fans more but the festivals are amazing to look out from the stage and see the enormous amounts of people that camp out for the weekend for their love of music

In May you will play for the first time in Greece. What can we expect from this show?

Expect a very heavy set!! We play and give 100% every show!! We are excited to play.

“Zero and Below” was an impressive studio return after 6 years. What feedback did you get?

We got an amazing feedback from this album. The two songs we made videos for became great additions to our set.

Crowbar has changed many members over the years. Do you believe that the current line -up could be more stable?

I love all the guys that have played in my band but I do believe this line up is crushing!! We all work together writing and creating and I love it.

When you formed the band, did you feel like you were creating a new genre?

Yea that was the intention. Nothing like Crowbar existed at that time.

Did you believe in the early years that the New Orleans scene would stand out in sludge metal?

Did the bands help each other? Yes the bands have toured with each other many times. We are friends. Our scene is so strong and it’s an honor to have such an impact on heavy music that exists today.

What must happen in a Crowbar show to be considered as a good one?

 Well first of all we need a good monitor system for us to hear ourselves play hahaha. They are all good ones in their own way. Every crowd is different. We just love to see the fans having a good time, that makes it a successful show.

In the early years, you mentioned Celtic Frost as your main influence. What other bands have influenced you along the way?

Melvins, Trouble and Tyoe O Negative. Also the NY hardcore bands gave us a major influence. .

Although Crowbar’s sound is heavy and slow, you have toured with many thrash bands, such as Overkill, Sepultura and Sacred Reich. Is Crowbar respected by all metal fans?

We would like to think so. You don’t have to like us- you can even hate us but we feel we have earned the right to be respected.

The last words are yours.

See you in Athens οn May 13th!We are all excited to play Athens it’s such a beautiful place that I have had the pleasure to play with Down. All I can say is get ready for a heavy set of Crowbar classics and new songs. Thanks 🙂

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