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Interview with Dark Nightmare and John Papadimitriou for the Macedonia Wreck Fest


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Interview with Dark Nightmare and John Papadimitriou for the Macedonia Wreck Fest, by Apostolos Tzotzis!

It’s been two years since your last release (Despair and Hope 7 ”, 2013) and three of the last, great, studio album (Veneath the Veils of Winter, 2012). What did Dark Nightmare do all this time?

We performed quite a few times live in different cities of Greece and the response we had was great.

Are there any plans for recording a new album? At what stage are you?

Currently what’s left is the vocals for our third album. The recordings started in August.

Talk about your musical influences and the way you work in the studio.

Personally my own influences come from classic metal, progressive rock and several atmospheric metal, like the melodic black. Unfortunately we do not have the luxury of working together in the studio so we always have quite a delay in our releases.

Are there any plans for concerts? Tell us about it. What’s in you mind from now on?

We perform several concerts anywhere and anytime we’re invited. However we have a rather heavy schedule, due to our jobs, but somehow we manage to get it through.

What to expect from Dark Nightmare on stage in Macedonia Wreck Fest? Certainly not anything less than excellent, something you’ve got us used to!

We will play all the songs that made us known all these years, as well as some new songs.

Close the interview anyway you like!

Big thanks to the people who support us on every gig and likes us… It’s so important for us and each time the emotions are incredible.

Рандолф Картер
Рандолф Картер
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