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Greetings guys, I hope you are doing well. Welcome to Metal Invader! As a first step, would you mind introducing yourselves to our readers? What is Deafkids, who are they and what do they do?

Mariano – First of all, thanks for the opportunity! I think Deafkids are a bunch of people trying to create music that pushes forward, with a sense of danger – music that reflects our heritage and our will to transcend.

What was the spark that told you “OK, let’s form this band, and play this kind of music”?

Mariano – the band began as a solo project by Douglas, and we were more of a live version of the band. As we grew used to this type of madness, we became something of a live lab for the songs, and as we returned from our first European tour, we actually moved together and there the process of sharing psychedelic and rhythmic music from Brazil and the world actually intensified. Our past selves would be oblivious about what we would become, both the band and the personal journeys it caused.

You have been active for more than a decade now, which presumably comes with a great amount of experiences, gigs, great laughter and greater tears. Any particular memories you’ve been fond of?

Mariano – For sure the good friends we made along the way, some who we admired way before and that not only became good friends, but actually took part on our journey, like Steve Von Till, Wayne Adams, Iggor Cavalera… and many others. Another thing is being able to go to places like Athens itself, or Lima in Peru, getting to know it and the locals who are interested in what we do… places which hold extreme significance on the history of the world, and because of social and political structures, end up as harder to go to,not because of geography itself, but through the way locations ate valued in terms of cosmopolitanism. Being Brazilian, doing what we do, and being able to go around and see places like the Acropolis with our own eyes is something I’d never dream of.

If you could narrow down Deafkids’ music to 5 records, what would you say you were more influenced by?

Mariano – These are direct and indirect influences, in terms of vibe and will.

Depoimento do Poeta by Nelson Cavaquinho
Cores e Valores by Racionais MCs
Bahiafro by Djalma Correa
Funkadelic by Funkadelic
O Universo Rítmico de Guem by Guem

How has the Covid 19 situation impacted the band?

Mariano – We were deeply affected, as we had to cancel a North American tour right at its doors, as well as postponing and rearranging a lot of other tours… it halted the momentuum we had and it put us on an inertia that didn’t last ’cause we had a lot of things being released in the meantime, like the songs featured on Cyberpunk 2077, the collab LP with Petbrick… after a while we created a series of distance-based eps, to still have an output even i these trying times. As a travelling band first and foremost we are happy to return to that, obviously!

If we put the world under the microscope today, we will see a great amount of terror, fascism, oppression and violence. What would you say to those that let’s say, do not really want to address these issues publicly in fear of their reputation?

Mariano – I want to say that by not addressing this, or not engaging on the general discussion, we watched as the political discourse got hijacked by the extreme right. We can’t abstain from the debate, and we need to understand how we address the emotional and trigger politics that the fascists use to rile up and radicalize people. Being neutral is not an option.

Let’s discuss the scene in Latin America! Any bands/musicians that we should keep an eye on?

Mariano – There are many -more than we could mention! Test, Rakta, Teto Preto, Felinto, Paola Ribeiro, Kiko Dinucci, MNTH, Dharma Jhaz, Crizin da ZO… and so on

You’re due to play in Greece real soon! What would you mostly expect from Athens?

Mariano – We expect good times, good laughs and conversations, sightseeing, of course, and having at least as much fun as the first time we went there!

What can one see on a Deafkids show?

Mariano – Us going crazy! Besides that, rhythmic and transcendental music, made to be experienced on a communal way! Lots of grooving and sweating!

Any last words?

Mariano – Reject fascism,and dance furiously. Let’s expel the phantoms of authoritarianism! Cheers, see you there!

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