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Interview with Exumer


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EXUMER may never have the popularity that Sodom or Kreator had, but these guys have nothing to jealous from any Thrash band from Germany or anywhere in the world. Their frontman Mem V. Stein talks about their new album and their tour schedule and reminds why everyone that claims he is a real thrasher has more than just a good word for Exumer.

Welcome to Metal Invader and congratulations for your new album! Tell us about the feedback from the fans and the music press so far.

-The feedback so far for our last record has been overwhelmingly positive, press
and fans are very happy with the outcome and we couldn’t have been more pleased with what happened after the release of the record. All the shows we played have been really really great, a lot of energy, people seem to really like the new tracks, and react positively when we play a selection of them live, so everything has been good, very good. 


How difficult was the writing process as the band members are not living in the same country?

-It’s not so difficult anymore because we’ve been in this situation with us living in 2 different continents for 8 years now and we’re used to writing and rehearsing in a fashion where we still do everything as a band. But you know we have a good method when we get together in certain instances and time frames where we can just do what we need to do and focus on the righting process and the rehearsal process. Its been going well for the past 2 records, so yeah, we’re kind of used to it at this point. It doesn’t really affect our plans to tour either, that means we tour wherever we want and whenever we want and whenever there is a good tour available or a shows available, so none of it affects where we live or you know, it just depends on if we want to do it or not.

How does this fact (2 of you living in the States and 3 in Germany) infects your tour plans?

-Yeah, I mean we’re very happy with Metal Blade, they’ve been really good to us, in all instances they’ve been taking care of us from the very start, and we built a pretty deep friendship with everyone at the label in Europe as well as in Los Angeles so we couldn’t be happier. 

Are you satisfied with the promotion from your label? Was it (the weak promotion) the main reason why Exumer never became a bigger name on Thrash?

-Well I get this question a lot, why we’re not bigger, I don’t know, I mean were big enough I think, pretty much who’s into thrash knows who the band is and yeah, its fine.

Personally speaking I believe that your 2 first albums may have a cult status but still “The Raging Tides” can look them in the eyes. Unfortunately many from the old fans may not even hear the new album. How do you feel about that and how do you respond on 18 years old fans that keep asking for the old stuff even though they weren’t there back then?

-Well, I’m glad that you liked “The Raging Tides”, you know people who are my age or from the old school who are still in the game they’ll know about the record and the response from young Thrash fans have been kickass, so everything has been going our way. The response has always been that the younger generations keeping us alive so i think its a great honor and its really cool to see young people getting into things that we wrote in the ’80s.

Which is your favorite track from “The Raging Tides” and which one (or more) could easily be on the track listing of “Possessed By Fire” or “Rising From The Sea”?

-I don’t know if i have a favorite one, i like “Welcome to Hellfire”, i like “The Raging Tides” the title track, and any of them could have been on “Possessed by Fire” or “Rising from the Sea” if they would have been written back then. I think we have never lost the sound of Exumer, its still the same so its our trademark sound on all 4 records. The only difference is we wrote “Fire & Damnation” and “The Raging Tides” in 2000 and the other ones were written in the ’80s.

exumerWas it your idea or Metal Blades’ to use the classic Exumer’s Possessed face on the cover of your new record? Do you think that fans need something as a point of to feel the connection in order to buy an album?

-No, the idea with our mascot was our idea, not Metal Blade’s, all artistic endeavors is up to us and not metal blade. We present complete packages, meaning, we give them the music AND the artwork and then they just put it out, so that’s another huge advantage. And no, we didn’t feel like anything, we just felt the time was right and we wanted to  bring back the character, so that’s why we did it.

Tell us the future plans of Exumer.

-Future plans? More touring, another record perhaps, maybe not with the 4 year lag like the last one, maybe we’ll do it a little sooner and yeah, a lot of live shows as usual. 

The closing is yours.

-Thank you for the interview, thanks to all the fans for supporting us for the past 30 years, and we will see everybody on tour somewhere out there. Thank you.

Giorgos Tsekas
Giorgos Tsekas
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