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Interview with Giannis Papadimitriou from Dark Nightmare


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It was back in 2007 when I initially “discovered” Dark Nightmare, who was supporting Brocas Helm during a gig at Trikala. Till then, they only had released three demos and a split cd with Blade of Spirit. I remember their very promising performance, good enough for me to start following their progress. They have come a long way since then, with two full-length albums, a split video, an EP last year and a lot of live gigs, of course. Vocalist/Guitarist Giannis Papadimitriou has offered to resolve our queries and present the band through Metal Invader’s questions.


M.I.: This is the first interview of a Dark Nightmare member for M.I. so give us a few information about the band’s history and line-up.

G.P.: The band was founded in 1999 by Dimos Konstantinidis (drums), Dimitris Printzas (bass) and me. In 2001 Giorgos Karagiannis (keyboards) was added. Throughout many changes in the line-up – especially in second guitar and bass, we decided that I would take over all guitar lines in the studio and to hire a session guitarist for the gigs. Today’s line-up is:

Giannis Papadimitriou – Vocals/Guitars
Dimos Konstantinidis – Drums
Nick Mihalakakos – Bass
Giorgos Karagiannis – Keyboards

Live members:
Giorgos Garmpidis – Guitars
Nikos Vogiatzis – Keyboards and
Thimios Papastergiou for some live appearances.


M.I.: How your course is affected by the fact that you came from a small city like Grevena?

G.P.: The main problem in a small city, which during these times was running behind the rest of the world, was the fact that very few people were into metal music, so it was difficult to find someone capable of cooperating and playing music the right way. I‘m not implying that we were professional players. We just liked to play music all day. Now things have changed and there is a bunch of terrific musicians.

Another difficulty was the lack of cds of our favorite bands. We had to copy them from people who had access to Thessaloniki and bought everything they could. Nice times!


M.I.: As far as I know, you are currently living and working in Athens, and so does Nick Mihalakakos. How do you manage to rehearse or to record?

G.P.: Indeed, during the last 2 years I work in Athens and Nick is a resident citizen. Usually, we get together and have one rehearsal before a gig, hahaha. Fortunately, it works fine. When I am in Grevena, we have two other guys who help for the rehearsals. Concerning the recordings, I write the leads and everyone records his parts separately.


M.I.: When I watched you live for the second time in 2008, I was impressed by the band’s progress in just a few months. Now, after a series of startling appearances, the fans seem to enjoy and support you more than ever, regardless the place, Athens, Thessaloniki or the regions. From your point of view, how do you realize the whole situation? Is this a reward for your efforts till now?

G.P.: It is certainly a reward, and the feeling we have since the release of “Beneath the Veils of Winter” cannot be described with words. The fans have embraced usand the crowd goes crazy in every gig (especially in the region). I remember our last time in Trikala (e.n. Mind over Metal Fest VI 17-04-2014), when the time was already late before we play our set and I was tired and sleepy, hahaha. Since we started playing, the crowd went mad and all tiredness was forgotten, of course.


M.I.: Generally, you are very active, participating in a lot of concerts every year. Are there any plans or at least any desire from your behalf for a tour around Greece or – why not – even abroad?

G.P.: A tour around Greece is out of the question for the time, due to work and other personal obligations. On the other hand we wish to make some appearances abroad and I believe this will happen in the near future.


M.I.: About your two albums now, I believe that from “The Human Liberty” emerges an epic feeling, in comparison with your 2nd album “Beneath the Veils of Winter”, in which you include more elements in your music, and establishes you in the fans conscience as a classic Heavy Metal band. Is this the music you like in a personal level? Are there any other styles influencing your music and slowly being reflected in your songs?

G.P.: I always state in every interview that, personally, I never set a goal like “now I ‘m going to write an epic song or now I ‘m going to write a heavy metal song”. The music just comes out, depending the music I listen to at this time or the influence of some facts in my life. For example, our new stuff is more atmospheric and has a 90s feeling. This is my point of view at least. In addition to these, after every recording we make, I never know when I‘ll be able to create again. I may need some time. I could never write something just to fill some stuff for the band to release.

I don’t have to say that we like all our songs, even from the first demo, with some minimum exceptions maybe.


M.I.: Your last EP release includes an awesome fresh performance and production of the self titled song “Despair and Hope”. Is it expected that some other great songs from the demo releases, which are not included in any of the studio albums – e.g. “Defenders of the Borderland” – will make their appearance in future works?

G.P.: “Despair and Hope” came out very well, indeed. There are many people who ask to re-record old songs, “Defenders…” included of course, but I am reluctant to proceed. I believe that this certain song is so perfectly recorded, that a new try will spoil the result. I admit that in our first album we included new versions of “Dragonlakes” and “Bloodland” and we made a great effort to catch the demo’s feeling, but I am not sure if we succeeded (e.n. I think they are great). We just had to put them in the cd.

Nevertheless, I would like to try to re-write “The Quest” from the 2nd demo.


M.I.: Two years passed already since your last full-length album. Are you currently working on new material?

G.P.: There is new material that Dimos (e.n. Konstantinidis) is rehearsing. Probably, at the end of August or the beginning of September, we will start recording the drums. Lyrics are not ready yet, but we will work on them, along with recording the other instruments.  


M.I.: When will your next live performance be? Will be at Larisa on the 13th of September or can we hope that something will come up earlier?

G.P.: Nothing arranged before September. Nonetheless, apart from the Larisa appearance, we may play at Thessaloniki and we desire to give a concert in Grevena for celebrating the 15years of the band.


M.I.: A more personal question now, knowing you are into sports, how can you manage to keep up with your job, the band and fitness at the same time? Is there a way to combine these?

G.P.: Hahahaha, this is the best question. Fortunately, my job allows me to work streak hours, so I manage to program my training – which is a way of life for me – and the band’s activities, as well. I believe that if there is the will, everything can be achieved. Everyone can easily find some time during the day to work out. It’s irrelevant that I dedicate more time than the average person.


M.I.: Concluding the interview, I won’t be original, and let you some space to give any message you want to the fans on your or the band’s behalf.

G.P.: We would like to thank the fans who believe in us, support us and like our music so much. We hope that our next album won’t disappoint them and we will try even to be better than the previous ones. We, also, want to thank Metal Invader for honoring us with this interview. It’s very important, since we were always the magazine’s faithful readers.


M.I.: The honor is all ours Giannis. Thanks for your time, me and M.I.. Hope to see you soon.

"Μoderation does not necessary mean open-mindness".

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