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Interview with Grab


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Going back to our path of black metal, today we have with us another Greek black metal band, Grab, one of the many bands of Wrath (Dødsferd) who is also the owner of Fucking Your Creation Records. FYC Records is also the label that released Grab’s new album “The Inevitable Filth of Mankind”. Let’s see what Bacchus, the band’s guitarist had to say…

Bacchus welcome to Metal Invader, I hope that the whole situation finds you well and productive.

To begin with, introduce the band to those who are unfamiliar with Grab, when did you form, the band’s members etc.

Bacchus: Thank you for having us here on Metal Invader. Grab we formed in 2005 from Wrath on vocals and War on guitars/programming. With this lineup, they released two demo tapes, a split tape and the first album “Plague”, in 2008.

For almost one decade, Grab became a grave (Grab means grave in German). From 2008 to 2015, Wrath focused more on Dødsferd and Nadiwrath, playing live in Greece and abroad and recording/releasing amazing albums. We always talked together about reviving Grab because we liked listening to the album “Plague”. That is how I took over the guitars.

Today Grab is a proper band, with Goatlord (Imperium Infernalis) on bass and ND (Sørgelig, Isolert and more) on drums.

A few months ago and more specifically on the 23rd of March, your new album “The Inevitable Filth of Mankind” was released. Are you happy with the result and what is the album’s feedback so far?

Bacchus: We are very happy both with the music part as well as the artwork/illustration.

Every member added his own part, his own  mark if you will. We knew exactly what to do in every song.

FYC Records (Wrath’s label), released the album on pro tape format, limited to 100 copies, with all the album’s artwork, printed on 400gr cards.

The label is doing a lot of work on promoting the album and the feedback is positive. Underground labels and fans following Grab from the “Plague” era practically supported our new album. Respect!

Besides the band’s members, who are the rest of the contributors in creating this album?

Bacchus: Nothing would be as it is, without John Leledakis from Omegha Studio and David from Made In Hell Studio where we recorded the drums and guitars. They are both dark monks, locked in their caves/cells, recording the metal culture of our times. Bravo to them both.

The graphic part of the album as well as the lyric video we uploaded, were supervised by Nick Stavridakis (Vision Bleak) and we thank him, because most of all he is a professional and because he managed to put out with the best way possible, the aesthetic vision we wanted to pass on the listener/viewer.

What should we wait from Grab in the future? What are your plans after the album’s release? New material perhaps?

Bacchus: With “The Inevitable Filth of Mankind”, we carved our way towards the style and Grab’s character. I hope we will manage to make the new material a reality before something really bad happens to the world or to ourselves.

Apart being the band’s guitarist, you are also the graphic designer for Grab obviously, Dødsferd and Sørgelig. Is this your “normal” job or you do it because you like doing it?

Bacchus: It is something that I like doing. I have said no to bands and labels asking for a permanent collaboration, because I was bored listening to their metal and spending my fantasy with people who want mass production without any feeling whatsoever.

On the other hand, I am creating artworks for Dødsferd since 2007 because Wrath is authentic and time will prove that he is. I cannot hide how much I like the cover artwork of “Death Set the Beginning of My Journey”, of “A Breed of Parasites”, of “Diseased Remnants of A Dying World”.

Also for Sørgelig, they had an awesome split, I am very glad that ND asked me to make something for it and I did. I hoped I helped them a least a bit, because they sure honored me.

From what I’ve seen, you have some guest appearances in Dødsferd as a lyricist and in Drunk Earth as a bass player, all Wrath’s bands. Were you a part of other bands also?

Bacchus: I know Wrath since 2005, we have played some really crazy live shows together with Drunk Earth, Dødsferd and Imperium Infernalis, at Onoma tou Rodou club, in 2005. Ayloss (Spectral Lore) was Dødsferd’s guitarist back then. Totally underground times. It is an honor for me, to have Wrath not singing his own lyrics for the first time in the “Skotos” EP and I know that Dødsferd is something like a personal diary for him.

To the present, apart from Grab, I play guitar in Yellowshit. We have played a couple of shows and we have released one demo. Other projects, which I was part anonymously in the past, would be better to let them be buried by time, as they are chapters of my life that I wish for them to stay that way.

Did the whole covid situation have an impact on you? If so, did it come out in a productive way or you are waiting for the whole thing to be unfolded so you will be able to arrange your next moves?

Bacchus: I am a professional painter and the first quarantine was a blessing for my job and was very productive. I didn’t play any music apart from practicing at home. Since I didn’t have to go out to work, catching the damn bus with all the junkies inside, I wasn’t angry all the time and I wasn’t feeling the need to release any sickness from within me. The view of an empty Athens was good for me.

In general, we all needed a break from the soul-sucking routine of living in Athens, we grabbed 3-4 books that were just gathering dust, we listened to 10-15 LPs we have bought but never found the time to listen to them… each and every one of us, in his own way, spent time with loved ones and that at first was good.

Except the very few recent live shows, the Greek bands didn’t make use of the streaming services as much as the bands abroad. What are your thought on this subject? Would it be something that you would do with Grab?

Bacchus: The only live streaming show I watched, was the one by Enslaved which I really liked a lot. Obviously, nothing will ever replace the pulse and the aura of live music, but it was very interesting, considering the situation! If you are a fan, you will support it. It is like going to a football game, Sitting on the benches you don’t see much, yet you shout and sing. Watching at home on your TV from your sofa, you have a much better view on what is happening at the game. We have been present on a lot of live shows and we had a great time, but the sober guys may have a different opinion regarding the quality of the band!

Even though almost no one is playing live, we see a lot of bands releasing new material. Did you listen to something that draw your attention lately?

Bacchus: Lately, I am listening to music exclusively from my own collection, which it took years to assemble, from heavy metal classics, to demo tapes.

Nevertheless, I made some expeptions and I listened to “World of Ruins” by Isolert many time, which I got directly from ND and it is a highly studied album. It also goes without saying, that I have listened to the upcoming Dødsferd’s album “Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind will Follow II”, since I created the artwork and it is pure hell. Be on alert for this one!

Let’s assume that the world is coming to an end and you are assigned with the task of saving 5 albums, so the future beings (human or not), would know what metal was in our days. What would those 5 albums be and why?

Bacchus: Ooooooh you are so screwed now! The 5 albums are:

  1. Iron Maiden – Somewhere in Time, they are the biggest metal band on the planet
  2. Judas Priest – Defenders of the Faith, because this is the real and true heavy metal
  3. Stratovarius – Episode, because in the future, the world will be so miserable and dark and they will need the light and their melodies
  4. Bestial Warlust – Vengeance War till Death, because in the future, humans should remember that man is a descendant from a blood-lusting hairy beast, that killed something else to survive
  5. Emperor – Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk, because they rightfully deserve a place on this list.

The last words are yours. Thank you for this interview and for your time to answer our questions.

Bacchus: Thank you for supporting us. On September the 11th, FYC Records, will release the “The Inevitable Filth of Mankind” album on digipak CD format. Receive Wrath’s blood!

“Fuck humanity and celebrate the destruction of the masses!”

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