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Interview with Grassroll


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– Hi guys, give as an idea of how the whole Grassroll thing started?
We started on 2009, but substantially we activated on 2012, when Jo came to the band. There after we like raping art, playing live gigs ONLY with cool bands and do the rope while eating cookies and bananas.

-What’s your opinion about the greek scene, regarding to the extreme sound?
The extreme Greek scene can stand on its own perfectly well outside Greece. The level is quite high in ideas and, as well as, in efficiency and there is a constant evolution.

-Tell us about your releases and what impact did they have on the fans.
Up to now we have released an ep, a live split with Head Cleaner, ΕνΨυχρώ and Wreckage and we have participated in the Greek Death/Grind Scene’s volume 3. Copies are being bought, songs are downloading, but we still don’t know why. Now beyond that, we don’t have any recent release so that we can comprehend if there is, an impact of any kind.

-You are a band with politicized lyrics, do you believe that it is absolute, that a band that moves in the grindcore scene must be politicized?
Absolutely yes, we believe that grindcore is a lot more than a music genre. By nature grindcore expresses the hate, the rabies and the wrath against all authority. So we believe that someone that plays grindgore must derive from the identification, ideologically and socio-politically, of the culture that expresses this music. GRIND IS PROTEST.

-Live or Studio?
LIVE and specifically in very small places, with few, but active viewers.

-Is there solidarity between bands in Greece?
In this particular scene, yes there is. Solidarity exists because, thankfully, at a large extent, a DIY culture dominates which means that there is mutual aid between the bands in every step i.e. from lending the equipment, to hospitality and pure support (music material, live and sorts).

-What are your plans for the future (live/studio, releases, etc…)?
Our plans for the future is to finish our album, which we started in the past, Jo to finish college and finally to go to Loutsa. Seriously now, our immediate plans is the Super cool split with the ultra horny Stheno, with the valuable help from the Clean Head productions, Sabrota diy, Everydayhate and Angry Owl, that would normally be ready around October to November, namely BEFORE the release of our full album, that we started recording almost two years ago.

-Someday would you like to have a European tour? And if so, how difficult is it for a DIY band?
Of course we would and we will seek to it someday… It is very difficult economically speaking for the DIY bands, but beyond that nothing is impossible.

-Having a woman behind the microphone is something unusual, especially in the extreme sound scene of Greece, do you believe that this helps you in any way or gives a special character to the band?
Of course it helps us, that‘s the main reason the rest of us take baths. We don ‘t know if it gives us any character at all, as in the extreme scene abroad it ‘s quite usual for women to be the lead singers.

Thank you all for your time, the last words are all yours!
We, thank you for the interview!!
Bill: Kick the fascists, vomiting to the “householders” and fungus to the cops.
Jo: Tupa-tupa-tupa-tupa..
The kid: I want to spit in the face the Greek society.
Annie: Play fast or don’t!

Leonidas Douras
Leonidas Douras
My name is called religion, sadistic, sacred whore.

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