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Interview with Inhuman Rage


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Good evening guys! Welcome to Metal Invader! I think it’s the first time we talk officially. How are you? How is life treating you?

Hello from us. This is the first time and we thank Metal Invader for this opportunity! The truth is that a while ago we had a few step backs, but after a strong slap we got our shit together and we returned stronger

I’m sure you are preparing for your upcoming performance at Eightball. We haven’t seen you on stage for a quite a while. What should we expect?

To be exact, it’s been one year! In the last few months we have concentrated and we are working hard. We are preparing for Friday’s live, but also for the upcoming material that begins to get form.

We haven’t heard news of you lately. Was it a conscious move / decision to “calm down” a little or did other reasons prevent you from being actively present in the scene?

The truth is that Inhuman Rage has recently experienced difficult situations. The main reason was that we were in search of a new singer and so we moved away from the active scene. However, we have found the time to experiment and work on new ideas that have been on the shelf for a long time.

Your debut “Made by His Image … Killing to His Name” was released through Straight From The Heart in 2016. What is the feedback you collected? Are you satisfied with the final result?

We heard positive and negative comments of course. As musicians we keep the negatives in order to get better and fix things that only a third eye can see. However, we are proud to have managed to reach up to this point by holding on to our hands the first complete work of Inhuman Rage and fighting as long as we can to keep it real for us and for the fans!

Almost two years past from the release and your perspective is more distant and calm, would you add / remove / change something on your debut?

If you ask a musician what he would change in an old album he would tell you everything. The tracks were written much earlier and found us in different phases of our lives. From the moment we matured as human beings (hm…I think we did), we surely matured also musically. Many things disturb us when we hear the record. However, we leave it behind to remind us where we were then. These were and will be Inhuman Rage. And that’s not going to change.

As far as I know, you’ve changed a singer. How did you reach at this decision and on what criteria did you choose your replacement?

This decision was taken jointly. For personal reasons, our old singer had to leave, and there was no fuss. As far as our new member is concerned we will let him in his own way explain why he was given a place in the Inhuman Rage family without any second thoughts.

How much have changed and what was left the same in Inhuman Rage after the introversion period and the change in lineup?

All that has changed is that we completed our military service and we finally got our beards back. The band was created by best buds and now another one was added!

Do you have new material in your hands or some complete tracks?

We already some material in our hands and we are in the process of producing the new album which will be quite different from its predecessor. We are lucky to have awesome collaborators both inside and outside the studio and have supported us in producing both the first and the second album. We also managed to rent a space that we made our home! A studio that gave us the opportunity to get closer to each other and to bond more like a band.

Can we expect a new complete work from Inhuman Rage soon?

If everything goes well in the coming months we will have a few tracks ready to present and announcements for new appearances.

Nice, I think you got me covered! Thanks for your time! Close the interview as you wish.

We thank you for your time and the opportunity you gave us to speak. The rest on stage!

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