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Interview with Insulter


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Insulter is a quartet of fine young people ready to deploy a complete metal attack with their debut album called “Crypts Of Satan”. We summoned their singer known to little old ladies as Unholy Masochist to know more about this band, their music and their drinking habits.

Good evening Yannick and welcome to Metal Invader.First of all tell us who are you and where do you come from.

We are a black thrash metal band right out of the middle of Germany. We were born in 2006.I am the only original member left, because I kicked out every fucking idiot (actually there just were some regular lineup changes, over the years of existence) and now I got 3 good friends in the band, with which I summon the devil some times, but mostly we play some badass music. We played some shows since we started, in Germany and some outside of Germany, released a demo cd in 2012 (Thrashing Hell) and now we released our debut record Crypts of Satan via Witches Brew and Left Hand Path Records on CD and LP.

How did the collaboration of Witches Brew and Left Hand Path happen? How do you feel now that your first album is out?

The contact to WB was more or less accidentally; Cheryl liked our music and released the LP together with my good friend Slavko from Left Hand Path Records, who wanted to release the LP in collaboration with us as the band initially. The collaboration saved us of course some money AND more important it brought us a wider audience and possible customers for our record of course. So we felt honored that labels were interested in releasing our music and after it was released we felt even more proud of ourselves. We are totally satisfied with the result.

How about the band live activities? Tell us your plans.

We try to play as much as we can and try to get around as much as we can, we don’t wanna play only local shows.  We already played in the Netherlands and 2 times in Malta, where the people/fans are totally insane, we actually had the best crowds ever over there!

Your lyrics are (not) like be written by a good christian that visits the confession room regularly. How oppressive is the church in Germany?

Normally you don’t feel a real oppression of the church here, but I personally had one time where I really felt it (it was a job appointment), which strengthened me in my belief, why I am against all that bullshit called religion. Over all our lyrics are kinda cliche-satanic-lyrics, because I am against all that hipster shit bands with deep thoughts and hurt feelings in their lyrics, while wearing a gym bag and a wooly beard.

You consider to be more of a thrash or a black band?

We found the phrase “satanic Thrash Metal” for ourselves, which actually means the base of our band/music is always Thrash Metal, but when you listen to our songs, you will hear a lot of influences of other metal genres too.


What was the funniest/weirdest thing that happened to you as a band? Bands that drink like you guys do have always weird stuff happening to them!

Once at one of our concerts a guy in the audience had his birthday and his friends started singing “Happy birthday” during our concert, so I yelled at them “Maul Halten!”, which is a pretty short German term for “Shut The Fuck Up”. Since then the phrase “Maul Halten”, was used a lot at internal talking and you may gonna hear some of us shout this sentence out of nowhere. (By the way, there is a video on YouTube of this incident.)

A naked guy approaches you holding a pistol. He puts on your head and the only way to escape is to choose 5 records. What’s you picking?

That’s damn hard and I pick them only for myself not for my band mates, who actually have a pretty bad taste in music.

  1. Manowar – Battle Hymns, one of my all-time favorite records, if not THE best record, ever recorded. No discussion about that whimps!
  2. Iron Maiden – Piece of Mind, no words needed.
  3. Slayer – Show No Mercy, THE Satanic Thrash Metal origin.
  4. Riot – Thundersteel, they should have been as big as Maiden, Priest etc. back in the day, can’t understand they are kinda overlooked.
  5. Mercyful Fate – Nuns Have No Fun, awesome and evil

I realize I picked records with outstanding vocalists and I could have picked a 1000 records more, but those 5 along a lot other records, are playing on my turntable a fucking lot.

The naked guy leaves and the last word is yours. A message to Metal Invader readers please.

Dear reader, thanks for making it to the end of this interview and NOW go to your computer and order our record. “Prost und Maul Halten”!


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