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Interview with Jailcat


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Occasioned by the release of their debut album, we had a little chit – chat with Jailcat, a beloved child of Thessaloniki’s metal scene. We talked about “Men or Mice”, dived in the band’s thoughts for its next moves and many more! See what they’ve told us!

Hello guys and welcome to the Metal Invader! How are you? I hope you’re doing well!

Hi Elpida! First of all, thank you and thanks to Metal Invader for the invitation. We are fine and hope you’re doing the same!

Jailcat Interview MIIt’s been about two months (more or less) since the release of your record “Men or Mice” and so far you’ve already performed some live gigs for its promotion. What’s the feedback you’ve gathered from your crowd? Was the record embraced as expected?

The reaction of the crowd was more than positive regarding the release of “Men or Mice” but generally the fans support us and follow our every move and each of our show and we are truly grateful for that.

The release of “Men or Mice” was highly anticipated from both your fans and from you, especially since so much time interfered between this release and the previous one (the self – titled EP). Do you feel vindicated by the outcome?

We wanted our debut to be attentive and to show many aspects of the group but also to satisfy those who have supported us all these years and to “lure” new fans to “embrace” the band. First of all, however, we satisfied ourselves and we are very proud of the result!

Five years since the release of the EP “Jailcat” isn’t a small period of time. What were the reasonsf41bf091a4e18f2312495cc0e975d9f7_XL that theoretically kept you behind? Or maybe this time was deliberately extended in order to deliver your effort the best way you could?

To tell the truth this time wasn’t deliberately long. We wanted the album to be released in early 2014. Nevertheless some setbacks and some health issues held us back, thus, the album was ultimately released in September 2015. Perhaps we were late, but finally everything worked in our favor, hahaha!

During the creation, production, composition, recording of an album, generally whatever this whole procedure may include, as logic dictates, at some point you may have encountered some setbacks. Is this true? If so, how did you deal with it?

We faced difficulties throughout the whole “path” and there had been tension between us sometimes. However, we’ve been working together for many years and we’ve been close friends since we were little. That’s why we know how to face difficult moments with understanding, peace and cooperation. The clear mind in difficult times plays an important role.

Band photo_2Your cooperation with Chris Tsangarides is envied by many. And it’s logical, since he is responsible for many epics that have stigmatized us. Initially, how did you manage to get in touch with him and convince him to work with you and secondly how would you characterize your collaboration? It was a pleasure?

At that point, we were discussing how we could make an opening in the foreign crowd and thought that the production of the album with a producer of this class would be a very good first step. We sent our EP, explaining along the “direction” of the group regarding the new tracks and generally where we wanted to musically go. A few days later he said he would be pleased to work with us, so the case was closed. To collaborate with a producer of this range, who has produced albums of legendary artists (Gary Moore, Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy), it’s certainly a desire of any musician. We are very happy that we managed to achieve this.

The release of “Men or Mice” apparently was the band’s success to release its debut full length album. This target has been engaged. What’s the next target? What would your next move be?

We are currently promoting the album, so expect more live performances in Greece and, hopefully, abroad as well as a new video clip. Additionally, we are preparing something very special that we will surely catch your interest. We cannot tell you our secret though, hahaha!


The band has managed to create a huge fanbase, which is gradually growing, especially after the steps you took over the last year. How important is your supporters for you? The gradual increase of your devoted crowd I guess that creates feelings of satisfaction and justification over your choices.

Indeed, we are delighted by this outcome. More and more people now support us and follow us, and this certainly makes us feel satisfied for all the efforts that we’ve made these years! It is very important to create new fans. We hope more and more will join the Jailcat’s family!

I’ve spoken with many bands so far and some of them have admitted that reflecting in the past and considering their moves towards any direction, should they had the change, they would go back in time and do some things differently. Does this apply to you?

Surely, everybody has gone through various stages in his life. However, they best you could do is to leave the past behind quickly. And as someone said once, “Whoever is living in the past is already dead, whoever lives in the future is not alive yet, but whoever lives now is really alive.”

Jailcat has been in the business for more or less a decade. If you come to think about it, that’s a long11039247_972121112820010_2754896517467517059_n period of time. Have you been affected by the time that has passed, either positively or negatively?

I would say that we have been musically influenced by the fact that our preferences in music become more and more over the leap of time. As a band we feel we mature as people without wasting the adolescent energy we have within us. We’re not getting old, nor we are “heavier”. We’re just growing up!

In mid-September you released a video clip for the song “Addicted to Lies”, which created a good impression. Will you be releasing more video clips or you haven’t you thought about it yet?

It’s in our plans and we believe it will give another boost to the new album!

You have already given some concerts lately, but have you booked any other gigs to support the album in the near future? Where can we enjoy you live?

There’s nothing specific booked for December. But as we’ve already told you, the promotion of “Men or Mice” continues, so there will be some other performances as well.

That’s all from me for the time being! Would you like to send a message to our readers?

Thank you once more! We would like to ask by the readers of Metal Invader to support every band’s efforts because the music we love and serve needs us united and strong.

Stay Rabid !!!

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