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Interview with Lucifer’s Child


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Good evening and welcome to Metal Invader! If you wish, give us a small bio of the band. Firstly, what urged you to form Lucifer’s Child, since you’re already in a big band?

Good evening and thank you for your invitation. The band was formed from me and Stathis Pakataridis as a bassist, unofficially, about two and a half years ago. During that period, I had already started composing material, which in the course of time it ended up being the first record of the band “The Wiccan”. During that time, we simultaneously searched for members and after some changes in our lineup we ended up with the current one, which is consisted of Mario Dypon on vocals and Nikos Veletzas on drums and percussion. The decision to form a band begun from my urge to compose music based on my ideas, which I can present live, since I think that the studio creation is of equal to the live performances.

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For how long has that idea swirled in your mind?

It has been about 3-4 years since I firstly had the idea of ​​creating my band. Some time elapsed until I managed to spread my time etc. with Rotting Christ so I could create something new, as I had it in my mind.

Does it come from the need for self-expression? There is no room for this in Rotting Christ;

Absolutely. The main reason I would say. Rotting Christ is a band which has already written its course and continues with its identity in all aspects, which I respect and follow. The line is set by Sakis and Themis and we work upon it, following its respecting history. There is no restriction; on the contrary I was surprised when I firstly joined the band and had the chance to record for “Κατά το δαίμονα εαυτού” as for the new upcoming album, as well, without restrictions.

Do you think that the band you created is considered a “super-group”? How did you come into contact with the other members? Did you encounter difficulties in selecting members?

It’s not a super-group, in any case. Certainly the guys have an experience from their other bands as musicians, which helps a lot in each process and understanding each other, but this doesn’t it give us the right to use such as label. The other members are fellow musicians – friends that I’ve known personally for some time now. I wouldn’t want to work with somebody I don’t know, as that kind of intimacy brings more immediate understanding. At the beginning of the search, there were several musicians that I thought of, since the level today is very high and we really have excellent players, but I ended up with those I know better.

Are you a regular band, on terms of doing tours etc or are do you consider yourselves a studio project?

Yes, I want the band to be active with concerts. Personally, I think it wouldn’t make sense to compose music just for the studio and not being able to show my work performing live. Live performance is the completion of the “project”, where everyone can really understand your character and what is each metal band expressing.

Does everyone contribute equally in songwriting? Do you each have a certain role or do you work altogether?

Look, basically I compose the music alone. I like to be isolated, “tripping”, which has no specific plan or schedule, thus you cannot say “let’s have an appointment to compose”, since the inspiration is an imponderable factor and cannot be determined in time.

Lucifer’s Child are characterized by the atmosphere they create. With which bands would you say you are close to musically, or who were the source of your inspiration? How would you present the band to someone who hasn’t heard of you?

 I think music is something that each of us perceives differently, so my accurate description is somewhat subjective. The influences of the band are the extreme audio bands that everyone pretty much loved, such as Bathory, Celtic Frost, Venom and Mercyful Fate. We’re trying to set our music in our own way and aesthetics, to express the ideas and what the band has to say.

Dark Essence Records, Greece,Rotting Christ, Nightfall,News,Interviews,Lucifer's Child,Black Metal,Groove,Greece,2015

This mix of doom / black and melody, how can it evolve?

I don’t know how, I just think you have to try to put a small stone in whatever music you love, with your character and your view, not to evolve it, but to have your own music identity.

Tell us three reasons why you would buy the record if you had nothing to do with the recording.

I can hardly answer that…  I’m terrible at these stuff, and now that I think about it, if I was working in a record store, I would only last one day.

Who is responsible for the artwork, as for your t-shirt; I ask because finally I see something that does not appeal to 15 years old wannabe thrashers but it’s in the same level with large groups from abroad. What is your contribution in this direction?

All the graphic stuff were undertaken by the co-founder of the band Stathis, with whom we work on that. Since we’ve been friends for 14 years now and have performed and toured together, I think we share something that makes our communication easier and makes our ideas similar to one another.

Wicca is a modern Pagan religion. I assume that the lyrics belong to the pagan black genre?  Do you do it consciously or is it just a very interesting topic that offers food for thought?

Wicca is a later, pagan version of a magician. Lyrically and thematically we go back a little from the later version, where the Wicca had the status of the black magician (timed in the middle of the Middle Ages), when magic met Satanism. Today, many believe that Wicca had nothing to do with Satanism, which is a hard to believe since black magic and Satanism are two interrelated actions; without the one, there wouldn’t be the other.

The album hasn’t got a concept, right? Or I am wrong; Are your tracks connected lyrically?

Each piece has a separate theme but is framed by the general essence of the record which is based on black magic, ceremonies and initiations into the world of Wicca(n). There isn’t a specific situation or a reference to any of the above; the lyrics circle various actions and sometimes narrate in the first person some of the above.

What’s your favorite song from the album? Which stands out?

 Unfortunately I cannot pick one; all of them are the “children” of the band, so each one is special for what it wants to convey.

Have you any material ready for a new release or is it too early to think of such a thing? I’m talking mostly about a split EP rather than a second full album.

 There is material, but it is still too early to get the band back into the studio soon. I won’t stop working ideas, yet to create something new, cannot be framed in time.

Dark Essence Records, Greece,Rotting Christ, Nightfall,News,Interviews,Lucifer's Child,Black Metal,Groove,Greece,2015

The “The Wicca(n)” will be released on 25/09, right? What do you expect from this release?

 So far the response has been very warm, which is very pleasing. I never expected that someone from Norway or South America will deal with such a new band and this really gives us the courage to fight for it even more.

Thank you for our conversation! The closure is yours!

 Thank you for the invitation and your support to Lucifer’s Child!


Giorgos Tsekas
Giorgos Tsekas
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