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Interview with Lvcifyre


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“Sun Eater”, the latest Lvcifyre record, is a piece you need to listen to carefully and there’s no excuse for you missing it last year. Only a few days remain until their two shows in Greece and while everyone prepares for the upcoming special night, we ask the band a few questions about it’s general tenor and art…

You guys have had experience with other bands before or along with Lvcifyre. What was the driving force behind giving birth to this band?

Same as always: the urge for creation.

What are your main influences? Do you think it’s recommended for the band members to be on the same page when it comes to musical taste or you prefer diversity, which introduces pure and unexplored paths?

We get older, wiser and more distant to the world and our surroundings. I cannot say that music has inspired or influenced us in the same way as in the olden days – I suppose inspiration can be derived from sources other than music.

We derive a lot of inspiration through reflecting on the world, and the thoughts and texts of those who went further than us.

Is the concept of an album or a composition important to you or do you focus mainly on the music itself?

We are focusing much more on the music; lyrics come afterwards, but I wouldn’t specify which of them is in charge, as they both equal in the hierarchy.

Only a year has passed since your massive second album “Svn Eater”, which drew a load of positive feedback. Would you like to share an insight on the recording process and the motives behind creating the record?

The recording itself took us just over one month, and it was a great lesson for us. We reached the limit as far as mental exertion. It took a while to shake off the black ashes of Sun Eater, and there is price that comes with it, not pleasant but powerful.

Sun Eater is great proof of the hard work we did, but I suppose we are the only ones who notice it judging by the amount of time we spent creating that record.

For a fan into Lvcifyre’s debut “The Calling Depths”, what’s new to listen in “Svn Eater”? Do you believe you have evolved since your first album and what did you do different this time?

We took a big step forward into the dark, that’s for sure. “The Calling Depths” doesn’t belong to my favourites but it is an important step on our path of transformation.

We wrote much more material this time, then spent a significant amount of time selecting and rewriting stuff. In the end we had 6 times more music written, so a wider range of possibilities was one of the aspects that comfort us.

Behemoth have also used the letter “v” instead of “u”. Why’s that for Lvcifyre?

It is just a play with letters, and I would be lying really if I said we pay tribute to the ancient Romans by swapping U for V, since it was used only in capital letters.

You signed with Dark Descent Records for the latest album. How do you value your relationship with the label so far, concerning the promotion and overall help?

Very good, we get on very well with Matt, he is a hard working person and he keeps amassing better and better releases. I believe it is one of the best labels these days out there and we are glad that we are working with him.

Are there any non-musical aspects that help with the band’s inspiration?

Of course, too many to mention, so I prefer not to go into that area, as it is a never ending subject.

How much does your affiliation with chaos, death and darkness effect your everyday life?

It brings more Chaos that we struggle with and need to control. The Destructing path is short if you allow those energies to control your life. The key for me has always been balance, but here I can only speak for myself.

What does “Svn Eater” mean? Give us a few information about the album’s lyrical content and artwork.

Sun Eater has a few meanings, and one of them is the Black Hole, and only your subconcious can show you what lies behind the curtain.

It is also focussed on Apep, the Black God that swallows the bark with the Sun to give birth to the Night within the Egyptian system.

Very often I find myself thinking what the main reason behind Sun Eater is, but the answer is not that simple. There are too many and they all play an important role in these realms. I think they all lead to self-awakening and that could be the goal, to rip apart the chains of illusion and laws, and ride in the wilderness of the Night.

The early steps of the band, with the “Dying Light ov God” EP and “The Calling Depths”, were strongly leaning towards death metal, whereas “Svn Eater” is grimmer and more atmospheric, with black metal injected as well. Did that change come naturally?

Of course, we never forced the creation but we help the energy to flow in the most liberated form.

What track from “Svn Eater” was the hardest to put together and why?

I could not tell now, quite a few of them have given us a hard time.

Are there any bands in the ongoing underground scene you admire and respect for their work?

Cultes Des Ghoules, Swallowed, Macabre Omen, Lustmord, Midnight Odyssey, Lamia Vox, Dark Sonority, just to mention my last play list. I like lots of stuff, and it would be a waste of time to mention them all.

What lies in the near future for Lvcifyre?

We are planning quite a few shows and we are really pleased to be able to perform Sun Eater rites in Greece this May.

The last words are yours!

Thanks for the interview .

The gate of the cavern is despair, and its floor is paved with the gravestones of abandoned hopes. There Self must die; there the eagerness, the greed of untamed desire must be slain, for only so can the soul be freed from the empire of Fate.

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