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Interview with Markus Grosskopf (Helloween)


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There’s no better reason for a small talk-interview with Markus Grosskopf bassist of Helloween than the release of their new album, the upcoming tour and the 30th anniversary of the band…


Congratulations on your new album and I mean it… it’s not just another typical hello.

Thank you very much!

It seems like your new album has a lot of references from the past, “Master Of The Ring” and “Rabbit Don’t Come Easy”. This occurred by accident or on purpose looking back on your roots?

All we do is by accident you know. All our careers were built like that by accident, hehe! Some of us just had the idea to write some songs in that direction, of the 80’s, because we are coming from the 80’s. We tried to have the idea to produce, just a tiny little bit in that direction but with a moral attach to it. It just came out like this you know. There wasn’t any big plan or a big concept anywhere, we were just listening to all these songs so headed that way and thought now that’s a cool idea, you know.

I guess this is a better way of doing things… by accident?

Yeah that’s the way things are getting done.

Your new album has and old school touch in the production but your artwork and not only the last one actually after dark right are always too digital and personally speaking I believe it’s too childish. Do u have something to say on this?

We wanted to do something different of what we did before. Not made entirely by the hand, colorful or made like a painting. We really liked it this way a lot we are really more attached to it, with the colors we used this white , blue and gray, I really kind of liked it. We really wanted to do something different from what we did. I really enjoy it.

Off the record what’s your real sales numbers. I’m asking this because I’m thinking that an album release seems to be generally on all bands just an excuse to start touring.

If you compare it to the 80’s the numbers are of course larger. But everybody knows that generally speaking the cd and record sales dropped down horribly but we still sell a lot of records and so we can tour. Its intederpendent. Actually we make good money on selling records but we also tour for a living, this is our job.

Let’s get back to My God Given Right. What the lyrics talk about. Apart from Lost In America that obviously talks about an adventure u had in a trip in the US.

It’s the experiences that make our music. We make lyrics the way we like it, you talk about your dreams that came true, the dreams you fulfilled. Being around the world for a long long time and being born in a democracy made us do and say exactly what we like. But believe me it’s not like that all over the world. I went to places that you really couldn’t speak your mind so our lyrics is a statement.

helloween god given right

Your last album was a commercial success. Then why u left Sony? What was the reason to make u sign again with nuclear blast ?

Our contract was over and it was  to go back home actually, hehehe. There was no harm, no bad words between us. No fights or anything like that, we just said this contract is over and now we are free to do anything we like and Marcus was always around as asking and there was always interest from that side to get us back. So we thought that if they are really get crazy about it and ask us why not trying it again, and it’s been going really great. No bad feelings with SONY it was simply moving forward. When a contract is ending you can do anything you like that was it. Even if SONY was a great company.

When are we going to see u in Greece?

I don’t know are there any festivals in Greece? Because this year we do a lot of festivals. But we haven’t planned anything so far.  We are probably going to come next year in the beginning  of 2016 but with our own tour and Greece will probably one of these stops.

Shall we wait for something special on your live performance due to your 30 year anniversary?

This “something” special as you called it comes again by accident, hahahaha.

I kind of understand that everything in this band comes by accident, this is perfect!

Hahaha, yes I don’t like planning things, I like effortless things, there are exactly this “special”, more surprising! It’s like planning a big party on new year’s eve or an event that lots of people are going but the day before you hook up in a bar with a couple of friends for a beer to celebrate just saying hello and suddenly this evening becomes much more beautiful than that big planned new years eve, you know what I mean. You know exactly what to expect in New Years Eve.

I really hope to see you soon back to Greece. Is there any last moment thing you’d like to add?

I just want you to think about that, anything you do should be done effortless not too much planning or overthinking about it. Take my advice!

I am going to try to live this way, it seems better. It worked for you anyways, hahahaha!
hank you very much for your time this was very nice.


Thnx for your time

Lilliana Tseka
Lilliana Tseka
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