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Interview with Metatron (The Wolves Of Avalon)


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Give us a bit of history to The Wolves of Avalon.

The band was formed in 2010 by myself and J Marinos, to focus on purely British historic events of the long distant past. The first album, Carrion Crows over Camlan, is about the Celtic Arthur and the British wars with the invading Saxon Hordes. We are basically a band that unearths our lands past and retell ancient stories where truth and myth collide.

As your debut -that was one my favorites for 2011- has a quite interesting story talking about the Germanic Saxon invasion to your Island, how important do you feel are the lyrics for the band and how “easy” is that theme for the average listener in 2016?

The lyrics are equally important as the music. The, Carrion Crows, album was about the real Arthurian Celtic warrior who fought against the roaming Saxon hordes. I think if you wish to learn about the past of Britain, then our albums deal with this well. The Saxons became what is known as the English, pushing the British tribes into the far west and North of Britain. This period in time is known as the Dark Ages, as little was written down so we need to speculate on what happened.

In your 3rd attempt which is the main story of the lyrics?

The main body of the lyrics on, Across Corpse Grey, deal with the horrors of combat in the fifteenth century, where the Knight and man at arms were at their most complex and brutal. It was an age about to succumb to the Gun, an age about to fade into even more ingenious machinations or warfare. The English, War of the Roses, has a minimal overriding theme, but the album can reflect the 100 years’ war with the French, or numerous battles across Europe at this time. The weapons of this age were vicious iron denting axes, hammers and hooks, plate piecing arrows, mail ripping broad swords, all causing maximum carnage in battle.

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Besides British History is there any chance to hear a theme from another country’s History?

I think we can continue with the many ancient events from my land. I am now looking into the little known poem, The Goddodin, for inspiration for the next Wolves release. This deals with the Battle of Catraeth, of warriors who fell in battle against vastly superior numbers.

I believe that it is kind of weird releasing a full length with only 3 songs (including a half an hour track too!), but also very brave! How did you come to this decision?

The main track started as an 8 minute song and just grew. I have several demos of the song getting longer each time, and it did not feel complete until the final version you can hear now. We weave the violins/ flutes into certain passages where the guitars and drums interact to form a seamless single body. It was a very long process to get the balance right. There is even a 4 minute guitar solo near the end of the song.

Tell us something about the Venom and the Nokturnal Mortums covers.

The Nokturnal Mortum cover was for a Tribute release that I think is out now. We love this band and as Varrgoth was on the, Bouddica album, it was not that hard to do the track, Voice of Steel. The Venom track, Die Hard, was done for a 7” release as a lead up to the album, and having Alan Averill [primordial], Rob Miller [Amebix], and Mirai [Sigh] doing the vocals, plus Mantas [Venom] on guitar, it is a track we are very proud of. I think the balance of the release with its potency and depth is worthy of its album status. I do not think such a complex creation deserves to be called a mlp, or a mcd.

the wolves of avalon, black , pagan, folk, metatron, interview

There are many guests on the album. What exactly did you achieved with these appearances? Is it commercial tricks or artistic choices?

Like the Meads of Asphodel albums, I like to involve others who can add to the atmosphere f the music. The Wolves of Avalon is a band that works in the same way, although both bands sound very different. It is great to look back on the people I have worked with like, Hoest, Vincent Crowley, A.C Wild, Thurios, Mantas, Mirai, Huw Lloyd Langton, Rob Darken, and many others.

Musically speaking there’s a lot of (obviously) Bathory, Venom in your sound but also I can hear a lot of Hawkwind ? Am I right? Can you name some of your influences?

All those bands creep into our sound, and that is with, The Meads of Asphodel, also. They are the main 3 bands that have embraced my life. J Marinos has his own influences that are far and wide, so we do not need to follow any trend or copy any particular sound.

What do you feel are the similarities between your previous albums and what are the differences?

I think the new album is very similar in production to, Boudicca’;s last stand, as the sound we had on that album was very much the atmosphere best suited to our style. Carrion Crows, was a rougher round the edges production. We are happy with the sound on the new album as it is more akin to the clarity of bands like Finsterforst than the primitive rawness of graveland.

I guess you read a lot of books and probably not only historical. Can you give us some that we have to pay our attention?

I grew up with books, my father always gave me encyclopedia when I was a child, and I have absorbed all I can to understand the world we live in, The past has made our present and in some ways we can see our future. An example of this is when we look at Christianity 100 years ago and to what it stands for now, we see a far less potent religion, and in 100 years’ time Islam will also fade into nothingness. Books I read are more historical, biographies of historical figures, books about war and world history, so there is no particular author i like.

What about the The Meads of Asphodel? Are on ice or something? And if not how easy is it to be on 2 bands?

There will be a new Meads album next year as J.D Tait is creating demos now and I will add my thoughts to the arrangements. The lyrical theme I shall not reveal at this time.

Is there any chance of touring across Europe?

This band has no plans as yet to do so

The closing is yours….

I thank you for your time and wish you well. You can obtain our albums via Godreah records and bandcamp.


Giorgos Tsekas
Giorgos Tsekas
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