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Interview with Murder Angels


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It’s finally time for you to go through our own interrogation chair, have a nice year as well!

-It’s our pleasure, happy new year too!

Your second full length album “Beyond the Dark” just came out, only a year after the release of “The Spell” EP. There’s no rest for the wicked indeed..tell us a few things about “Beyond The Dark”.

-It consists of eight tracks, it’s a much more dark album lyrically, that emphasizes οn the inner psyche and the feelings that guide it, such as fear, rage, despair. When it comes to the music, it’s pretty much the same pattern with “The Spell”, but with a more classical heavy metal approach. We love it and are proud of it!

From the very first Murder Angels demo to “Beyond The Dark”, what changed in the band both musically and individually for all of you?

-When it comes to the sound and the music, there’s a constant and rapid progress. Since the band is also the most important part of our lives, we get on trial every day, something that gets us more bonded as people and as a musical group as a consequence.

You are a band that cannot stand still for sure, neither on the studio part nor on the live apperances part. You are everywhere, in every nice thing the greek metal stages offer…

-That’s what we love to do and the thirst cannot perish!

Which is your favorite live moment so far? Not necessarily the best one musically, but which one had a great atmosphere for you.

-Every single one is awesome but I think our appearance next to Helstar in Milano was by far the best. It was our very first time abroad and the feedback we got from the people and the promoters was awesome.

Let me change the question a little bit; where do you like to play more in Greece?

-Wherever people want to see us live. We want to thank every promoter for his preference in us and of course to all people who support us up to today.

Despite the fact that the band has been around since 2013, I see that the “big bang” came around 2016 and ever since, your name appears everywhere. I think this was the time things changed a lot for you?

-We would like to thank Kostas Athanasiou and Christos Mitrolios for everything they had offered to the band since then. After that, everything still remains steady, we are bonded as a group and we came a common aim, the constant progress and rising of the band.

Whoever knows you personally indeed knows how hard you are working for Murder Angels. Seeing how much of an impact your band has in the heavy metal audiences in Greece, why are there so many complains that no bands get the support they want or deserve and many other things in general that new groups really have a hard time with? What are your thoughts on this?

-We really see that this phenomenon is real but we try not to let it bring us down and try to remain focused on our plans and goals. We don’t pay attention to other things.

2019 seems to be huge for you again; you are playing with Destruction and Artillety in Thessaloniki and Athens respectively, then once again with Destruction, this time in Croatia, am I correct? What else do you have for you, both in Greece and abroad?

-It is really a big year for us, with Destruction in Thessaloniki, then we play on April 6th and 7th with Artillery in Larisa and Athens respectively, we are due to also announce a mini balkan/italian tour, while also we are playing with Jag Panzer in Trikala, in May. In summer, we indeed play once again with Destruction in Croatia.

Are you planning anything new in the studio? Not that it has been a long time,you just always have something new to show us.

Τhe band’s new material is being prepared and it everything goes as planned we will record it in June.

That’s all! See you on Saturday at the Fix.

Cheers, stay heavy!

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