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Interview with Murder Angels


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Thrash Fire burns all over Greece and one of the most promising bands that can mix energy-power and speed is Murder Angels that accepted our invitation and answered some questions talking about everything! Unleash the Murder Angels!

Hey guys! How are things going in Murder Angels’ camp?

Good evening, George, thank you for the invitation!

First of all, tell is a couple of words about the band.

Murder Angels is a speed metal band that was formed in the end of 2013 at Larissa.

A year ago you faced changes in your line up and the last change happened just recently. How did these changes affect the band? Are you confident about your new line up?

With Michalis (Dreamrites, ex-Warwolf) on drum duties being the band’s last line up addition, we believe that we’re 100% complete and ready for everything! Murder Angels are primarily friends with each other and what interests us is to go hand in hand with people we like, so yeah, I think that the current line up will last!

The band has also been changed musically. You moved from thrash to melodic speed / thrash. How was this decision made?

Christos’ vocals were a key feature of the early style of the group. However, before I took over the vocals (about a year ago), a shift was already made to more traditional heavy metal influences, which covered us more.


Does the band write altogether its material or do you have any main composers? How is Murder Angels’ music usually written?

The band’s three main composers are Vangelis (rhythm guitar), Tziou (lead guitar) and me (Tolis-Vox), with the first one being the driving force, while I am more contributing lyrically. Of course there is a contribution from all members, which is increasing in the new material. The compositions of Murder Angels have no desire to show of; all we want is to externalize feelings, with the majority of the tracks being written during rehearsal time.

Coming to your debut release, which is almost ready… Give us a few information about the title, the cover, the recordings and its release date!

With the addition of Michalis we decided to re-record the drums. Also, some bad decisions forced us to postpone for a long time, off-setting our initial timetable schedule much longer than initially thought, so, although the album was recorded in Larissa, the mixing process happened in Infected Studios at Livadia. All I can say for sure about the album is that it consists of eight tracks and will be released on vinyl in late 2016… and of course that will definitely rock you!

Will you release it all by yourselves or is there an interest from some label?

There is interest from several domestic record labels, but we’ve decided to release it ourselves (the costs of the release are another delay factor).

Will you prefer just the new tracks in your album or will it be a mix of both new and old tracks?

The tracks that make up the first album are mainly early compositions, played more mature and melodic, but there are also some new ones, in line with the style of the debut.

Is there going to be any cover track?

All of the 8 tracks will be ours, but there’s a chance of a cover track in a surprising release!

Will there be a video clip for some track?

We’re planning to shoot a video clip, maybe two.


Even though you are a new band, you’ve performed next to big names of the field. How did these gigs influence you?

The gigs where we were support acts, such as Paul Di’Anno and Flotsam And Jetsam definitely made us see the whole thing more professionally and it certainly led to more and more people asking us for our first full effort.

I’m guessing you’ll start touring soon after the album release. Have you booked anything for the promotion of the record?

We’ve got nothing booked yet, however we’ve got friends all over the country, with whom we are eager to share the stage!

Taking for granted that the record will be an artistic success (commercial success is anyway difficult) what would you like to be your next step? Any mini-tours in the Balkans, opening for big names… something else?

We are preparing something good for the promotion of the upcoming release. Surely we do not intend to stay just within borders. Our main objective is to give our music to more and more people.

The fact that you are from Larissa has ever been a problem for you or has it given you any more chances to stand out in the field, more that similar bands from Athens?

We believe that anyone who has the will to achieve something, he’ll make it. Nonetheless, the support of a local gig is much more limited than a gig held in Athens or Thessaloniki. Another obstacle is the absence of a scene, making the situation even more difficult.

What do you listen to currently? Which are your 2015-16 favourite releases?

Currently our speakers are mainly playing ’80s sounds (as always tbh).  Heavy metal, rock and hard rock. We didn’t check many of the recent releases, though what I personally listened to (coming from the local scene) was more than satisfying.

Thank you for your time, close this interview as you wish!

Best wishes to all our friends and to those we will meet in the future! See you at our next gig!

Unleash the Murder Angels!


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