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Interview with My Turn


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About 6 months ago My Turn announced their disbandment but recently the band seems active with a new line-up. What happened during that time and what’s the new line-up?
Due to limited leisure time for some band members we decided in November 2013 to stop playing gigs after a Balkan tour and 2 shows in Athens (which were planned long before). Basically the band never stopped to exist and already from the day of the announcement we were planning the new era for My Turn. When the new line-up was complete and after some studio work we started playing shows once again at the end of last August. Actually, we changed our rhythm section with Vassilis from OldschoolRednex / Ntelirio on the bass guitar and Dimitris from 10 To Go on drums.

This comeback comes along with 2 tours in Europe and one more in Greece. What is it like playing abroad and how easy it is?
This comeback aims to give everything we have and tour endlessly as the band is everybody’s top priority now. We are now in the middle of our European tour “Live It Or Leave It” and we are answering the questions from a place in Vienna a with a bit of a rush. The tour ends on 10th October and from 17th to 21st October we tour Northern Greece and we play in Istanbul as well. In November and December we have planned tours with Ashes and Outline from Belgium as well as a mini tour in Greece with Gulag Beach from Berlin. We already arrange our plans for 2015. The live experience abroad is totally different from the one that are used to in our country. Meeting new people and old friends, playing your music in a different city or country every day, is what Hardcore is all about. Obviously it is not easy but a determined band can make it through.

Besides tours what else can we expect from My Turn?
We have many plans in our minds but we wait for the right moment to make it true. For sure in 2015 we will release our second album but the exact date is yet unknown.

Your last album was Dead Weight (December 2013). What was the feedback?
Dead Weight received positive feedback and this is reflected from the fact that only a few 7’’ are available. We are absolutely satisfied from this release both in musical and aesthetical terms. To be honest, we could have worked a bit more on the production but still the result depicts the band’s new way and people seem to appreciate it.

Your releases are always in the format of vinyl or cassette. What’s the story behind it?
We prefer the analogue sound since it is more original. In addition, we love these formats so it makes sense releasing firstly the vinyl one and then the cassette and the CD. Whatever we have released (putting our last 7’’ aside which for the moment it is not available on CD format) is on these 3 formats.

What is the level of the hardcore scene in Greece?
The level is quite high and it could be even higher since the standards from the most bands have been raised, they work hard and especially during the last years many of them tour abroad. Some more work needs is also essential as well as more fan support given that Greek bands are on the same level with their foreign counterparts.

Are there enough fans in Greece to support the bands and their live shows?
Even though hardcore/punk is not the most popular music style in our country, there are fans to support the bands and live shows in general. There is no question that many of them look down to Greek bands while they promote others just because they come from Western Europe or the US which is exactly what the stage does not need. If we open our minds and embrace our local bands then they would be able to progress even more. Without support of the local scene there is simply no future.

Why do you think Greek bands find it difficult to make it abroad?
It is purely a matter of priorities. In order to achieve a goal you have to work and fight hard for that.

Which was the most important moment of My Turn?
Every concert, release and moment since the summer of 2010 is equally important for the band just as every moment is important for our lives.

Have you been affected by the economic crisis as a band?
It has definitely affected everybody’s lives not only in our country; therefore it makes sense that it has put some obstacles in our targets. However, we do not give up and we are determined to move on.

Perhaps you could say something for Metal Invader’s readers…
Thanks for the interview and the support! PMA!

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