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Interview with Mystik


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Why and how did you start the band?

Beatrice and Lo started playing together a few years before they found me (Julia) in the summer of 2016. In early 2017 Sven joined the band after he had heard our rehearsal recordings. We all had the same vision and similar ideas so of course we would keep on playing with each other. Then we started planning on recording our Demo and after that, the album.

How did you end up in this name?

We wanted the band to be a bit mystical because we love that atmosphere and want to mediate that feeling to others. We also want the Nordic feeling so we spell the name in Swedish.

Your sound is 50% heavy metal and 50% speed. Due to Julia’s voice would you agree on a characterization like “Warlock on steroids”

Sure. the album is heavy metal and speed as everyone likes to point out, but we never decided on what genre to play. We just wrote what we like and our mutual influences and visions where very similar throughout the band. We all love Warlock though, and other speed and Heavy metal bands. But we never intended to sound like Warlock on speed, haha.

Which bands influenced you? Do you have other influences besides heavy metal?

A lot. We are metal nerds and collectors so there is so many bands that we love. Besides heavy metal we love black, thrash, death metal as well as classic rock.

Our biggest inspirations would be for example Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Slayer, Dissection, Sarcofago, Dokken, Mörk Gryning, Metallica, Black Sabbath (Headless Cross especially). The list goes on…

Is the feedback of your debut full length so far, good? I read a couple of not so good, that to be honest I think that the reviewers were a kind of too killjoy after all…

The feedback has mostly been good. Many people from around the world has told us how much they enjoy the album, reviews that we’ve read has been really good, so we’re very happy. We haven’t seen the bad ones, haha.

Tell us more about the recordings and the writing procedure.

We recorded during 5 days in a studio in Norrköping, Sweden. The producer was Magnus (Devo) Andersson from Marduk. We had a great time during those days, and where very productive. We slept in the studio and worked for 10h/day. Devo is a great person, very calm and patient. Me (Julia) and Beatrice writes most of the songs, but many of the songs we’ve worked on all together.

Tell us more about the artwork cover.

The cover is based on the song “Lake of Necrosis” and the song is inspired by the mythical creature the Neck. Velio Josto made the artwork from our idea. We wanted a nordic feeling and It turned out very well.

What are the lyrics about?

It’s different. We often want to tell a story and want to mediate a feeling to the listener. A lot of heavy metal lyrics is empty in a way, but we think that depth in the lyrics is really important. We are inspired by myths, occultism, horror movies, death and history.

Do you plan on touring? Do you prefer small clubs or big festivals to perform?

We would love to tour, we will see what happens in the near future. There’s been a lot of either small clubs and big festivals, we love both! Playing in small club gives us more contact with the audience, but the big festivals has bigger stages so we can move around more and be more creative. In the beginning it felt a bit better to play small clubs because we were not very used to the stage. Now we really enjoy the big ones.

What does future holds for Mystik?

A new album. We already have a lot of material and hope to record one very soon, this year perhaps.

Thanks you for your time, last words are yours…

Thank you! Hail the king.

"Used to think my life was merely a joke, now I know that even jokes are hard and require skill."

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