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Interview with Nasty Ronnie (Nasty Savage)


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I can’t describe you how thrilled I am for this great coincidence! Welcome aboard, Ronnie. This is Crystal and Metal Invader. How has everything been?

Metal Invader! aaaaaahhhhh HELL YES! Nasty Savage is alive and well in 2019 and ready to THRASH !

Let’s take things from the beginning, and by that, I mean 1983. “Nasty Savage”. What was on your minds back then?

To start a band with a cool name, a concept, a goal, a plan and follow up and make it all happen. I told the guys “It’s Nasty Savage and I’m Nasty Ronnie”, the wildest singer there is! We will save our money to do a demo tape called Wage of Mayhem within 1 year, we will be signed, we will be getting fan mail from around the world and we will be touring. It all happened! We wanted to write music, play shows and put a mark on Heavy Metal. We were true to our sound and the stage show was very real and always over the top. We put Brandon, Florida on the map and soon became the heavy metal capital of the world, as all the Florida bands were born after Nasty Savage.

From where had you drawn all this inspiration? What were your idols back then, as well as your musical background?

My Inspiration came from the reality of life , society , psychology , philosophy , pro wrestling, Plasmatics, Jim Morrison, Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper and more…

It has been quite a ride for sure. Your frontman skills are genuinely amazing! Smashing TVs with your head…like, how?

It’s 100% real performance! Like a bull fighter who works the bull the whole performance and at the end, well you know…the bull is destroyed! It’s a show that is going on inside my head, it burns images in peoples brains and I like that, it’s passion it’s pleasure… ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaa

It has been so many years, yet Nasty Savage still have a great impact on today’s musicians that try to honor 80’s heavy/speed metal, in some way. How does that make you feel?

Old School 80’s Metal is Nasty Savage and it still stands the test of time today.Young people search out Old School Metal bands and learn and support them respect them because we/they are old . Check out www.nastysavage.com or the facebook page nastysavagenastyronnie for more cool stuff on Nasty Savage.

What Nasty Savage moment are you mostly proud of?

I am most proud that we still play and what is coming in the future! A new era of Nasty Savage!

The band goes on frequent hiatuses; now that you’re still active, you performed some shows in Spring 2018 and there are a couple more confirmed for 2019. Is there a chance for a reunion/anniversary tour?

Yes we have shows booked in 2019 , our band now is Nasty Savage 2019 and we are still thrashing hard and heavy as ever!

Tell us a few things about Richard Bateman, who passed away in September…

Richard Bateman was a great man, father, husband, bass player and friend. He was loved by all of us very much, he is missed… RIP Richard Bateman, much love to his family.

Your latest record “Psycho Psycho” came out in 2004. Are there any studio plans ahead?

Yes, get ready, we are writing new music as we speak and its better than ever!

So, that’s all! Tell us a few things about the future of the band, or any possible projects coming up from you. Or maybe a message to the fans! Thank you for your time!

Be true to yourself, love life, your family and friends. Respect all people and we can all make our world a better place. We have never played in your beautiful country but I hope someday soon to see you all

Support this magazine Metal Invader because they are keeping true metal alive and well ! Thank you!

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