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Interview with Nervosa


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2023 has been a wild ride for Nervosa. Seems like it was refreshing for Nervosa as a concept to become merely a Greece-based project. How have you been after the summer festival season run?

Helena: Yes, being mostly based in Greece now make a lot of things easier and much faster. Summer was really great and busy for us, full of big festivals and now we are looking forward for our two shows in Greece.

“Jailbreak” is out on September 29th. How did you come up with the title?

Prika: Jailbreak is somehow summing up most topics that the album talks about. We are talking about being free, breaking the standards and escaping from this fake wall that we are building or others are building for us. Also we wanted the title to be a bit different from the previous albums.

Could you elaborate a bit further on the creative process of that record? How did that roll given that most Nervosa members reside in different cities/countries?

Helena: Creating this album was done in almost two parts. In the beginning me and Prika we were exchanging and gathering ideas, we met and worked in Greece on composing most of the songs and the the rest of the process was done in Artesonao studio in Malaga. Being from different countries wasn’t much of a problem as we had most of the songs prepared and then we met also with Michaela Naydenova (drummer) in the studio to begin the recording process.

Rumor has it that it’s going to be a very refreshing record that will introduce a new era for Nervosa to the people. What is different this time, from “Perpetual Chaos”? Except for the lineup, of course!

Prika: Two biggest differences according to the past and to Perpetual Chaos is that Prika is now on main vocals for the first time ever an the band has two guitars which is making things much more flexible and giving the chance to put more elements in. Also about the songs, there are a lot of melodies inside, double guitar solos, there is very balanced mix of death metal, thrash metal and also one more element that you will be able to realize soon in the next single.

What would be your most favorite song off that record?

Helena: This is something that changes! I thought of a couple of songs as my favorites the time we were recording them, then I had other song as my favorite after the mix but lately the song ‘Nailed the coffin’ is playing in my mind all the time.

Speaking of that, which Nervosa song do you enjoy playing on stage the most, and why?

Helena: I am really enjoying playing “Seed of Death” as it’s a very fresh song and makes me happy and proud to finally listening to it live on stage. It’s like the whole process and all our efforts in the previous months gave a great result.

If you had to choose five records that has inspired Nervosa’s creation, which would be?

1)Slayer- Reign in Blood

2) Testament- The new order

3) Exodus- Bonded by Blood

4)Kreator- Coma of Souls

5)Judas Priest- Painkiller

What has been the highlight during this year’s touring with the girls? Any particular stories that would be interesting to know?

Helena: There were a lot of good and fun things happening during the tours, and during the festival season, but maybe the highlight was in Wacken. It was the most big but stressful day. We arrived there by the skin of our teeth as we had delays and flight cancellation but finally we made and when we got in the festival area we were informed that there will be a delay and also they added a tribute to Lemmy  where there were a lot of guests such as UDO , Joey Belladonna, Mikkey Dee, at the ‘LOUDER’ stage. So I remember getting in the back side of the stage, starting setting up our things and all of a sudden we found ourselves chating with these incredible artists and I remember thinking that “Ok, the weather sucks, we have big delays, we are super tired but who cares! We are hanging around with some of our idols”!

You recently shot “Seed of Death” in Kalampaka, Trikala, while you hosted this party/video shooting at the Cardinal bar in Trikala some months ago. Are we going to have a new video soon?

Helena: We just released the single ‘Jailbreak’ that was shot at Cardinal bar and we have more coming. But yes the city of Trikala and the nature outside has a lot to give.

Are we going to listen to any new songs on the Greek shows in two weeks, given that the album won’t be out until later that month?

Helena: Absolutely! Of course we would like to play more songs from the new album but this will be possible after the release on 29th of September.

Anything we should be keeping an eye on?

Check out our latest single/video clip ‘Jailbreak’, be ready for the Greek shows and make sure to get your copy on 29th of September.

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