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Interview with Nightfall


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Nightfall, after being on a hiatus for so many years are finally back, and basically under the spotlight, since people are looking forward for your next step. How does that make you feel?

We’re excited. It’s been a long time, indeed.

You recently released a collection of re-issues, so that the youngsters can learn and the older ones to remember! What was the people’s response?

It’s nice. People had been asking about those reissues for years, but we weren’t able to offer them something, since copyrights belonged to the then record label. Finally, we did it. Now everything’s available again through our new label, with the original sound and lay-out. It’s awesome.

Which one do you consider to be Nightfall’s highlight until today?

The fact that the band has been popular for so many years with almost zero gigs, in a very competitive environment, is an achievement by itself. Personally speaking, I’m grateful to all those people who helped keeping the spirit alive. Thank you!

What do you think has made Nightfall stand out from other big bands from the Hellenic scene?

I would probably say the element of surprise. We approach our releases more like a director does to films. Instead of using a repetitive pattern, we each time put in all those ingredients required to serve the theme of the lyrics best. It was difficult at first; you know, people instinctively try to rank you into some genre, while others might think you’re still searching your own style. Now, after 9 albums and a new one about to come, everyone understands Nightfall are into experimentation, and devoted to moving forward, not staying in the comfort zone of a single genre or sound. People enjoy variety. They enjoy to listen to something different each time. It’s good you know.

New record label, new album out in March and a new tour are here, if this is really the case. Lots of new data! How did the collaboration with Season of Mist start?

I have known SoM for years. Some of my friends are in its roster and others have been until recently, so I have heard a lot about what this label is capable of. I believe Nightfall have a better chemistry with a French label. We introduced this relationship back in 1991 with Holy Records and “Parade into Centuries”, and it keeps on very well since then, for the entire Greek scene. We are really looking forward to playing live. I have this feeling the tour with Draconian will probably be rescheduled for 2022 though. Things with the virus are bizarre and don’t worth the risk for any reason.

The title of your new album is “At Night We Prey”. Where did you get this name from?

The way I write lyrics is influenced by ancient Greek writers – metaphors, allegories, parables, etc. New album concept is about depression. Its’ front cover depicts depression as a person, a wild female figure that is, slaying her victim from within. If you asked me why I depict depression in a female form, I would tell you for two reasons; one, depression is feminine in our language, so it is normal, and two, the feminine nature is the source of our existence, and watching it turning against you is horrific. It is a real tragedy. The sort of tragedy depression causes if not identified and ultimately controlled.

In “At Night We Prey”, it has become very clear that the main lyrical pillar is the battle with depression. Personal issue, however terribly timely due to this whole situation.

Depression is a taboo. Many of us suffer by it, directly or indirectly, but only few dare to speak openly about it. I think it is time to do it! This album is our excuse to talk about it.

How much were you affected by the quarantine, both from the current one and the one back in spring?

Thanks to my introversion, I think I am doing alright. I am anxious as a person in my everyday life and I always want to keep up with deadlines and obligations. I am bound to deliver. So, this pause offered me moments of peace I so much missed my entire life.

You recently released two tracks in a live studio version, which were especially adored by people. Is there a possibility to release them as a mini-DVD or even as an album?

That’s a good idea. We will consider it as soon as gigs are again allowed. I believe, the more we gonna play live, the more songs will become candidates for a live DVD.

There’s a tour with Draconian scheduled for spring. What can one expect from what you are preparing?

After many years of abstaining from touring, we took the decision to start again with the new album. Our lineup is made for this purposes, and it is powerful and willing to prove itself on stage. We are looking forward to it. I hope you support us.

How can a fan support his favorite bands at a time when concerts are in such an unknown state and the mailing transports are in a bad state, that people avoid online purchases?

You need patience with post. But you can buy whatever you want to, without thinking about delays. I mean, your order might delay, but it will show up. Afterall, an album, or t-shirt are not top priority, emergency items. Even after a month, they are gonna sound and look great. You can too give some positive feedback to the bands’ or their members’ social media, as this is always appreciated. Don’t fall for what kind of attitude musicians in the death and black scene might want to show off in pictures, videos, or on stage. We all appreciate the good word A LOT. Times are difficult, but truth is we, musicians, have our music that we love so much to give us strength. I want to believe most metal bands play out of love primarily, and then for any other reason. So, unlike people who are struggling in jobs they don’t like, and suffer from them, musicians are enjoying the beauty of their art. This beauty we wanna share with everybody, and you are welcome to enjoy with us in these difficult times.

Any last things you would like to add?

Thank you for your time and positive attitude.

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