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Interview with Parthian Shot


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Today we are hosting in Metal Invader another Greek band. It is the Prog Rock band Parthian Shot, which, in case you haven’t checked already, you should…

– Good evening guys! Let’s start with your new album. Have the recordings come to an end? Have you decided about the title?

– Good evening! Thank you for the honor. So, straight off to the fresh news… We are about halfway recording our new –untitled yet- album. The preparations for Wreck at one hand and everyday problems on the other hand slowed us off a liiiitle bit…..

– Do you have a timetable regarding the release of the album? Will it be self-released or have you signed with a label?

– First off, the schedule for the recordings is that we will finish until Easter. Right after that, it will be an intense period of time doing promotional work, seeking live acts, reviews, prehearings and dispatching promos at record labels – in and out of the borders. We will be for sure in a state of wait until Autumn, when we will ultimately decide whether we will be releasing the album by ourselves or not.

– The financing of this recording was achieved through Indiegogo platform, something we have witnessed other bands doing as well. How did you come to this decision and how would you portray this experience?

 – Actually, it financed only a part of our expenses. Being a rather “unknown” band, we don’t have the essential fan base to support such a venture. Moreover, we live in Greece, so people were, as in always, suspicious towards this new thing. So, if we must speak of this experience of ours, the taste is bittersweet, because we saw how much did our close ones support us, while the “outsiders” did not.

– What’s in store about live shows?

– For now, ahead of us is only Wreck Fest. From that point on, we will have live shows organized after Easter. For sure, as a genuine live-driven band, we will tour like hell.

– The three-day Wreck Fest is full with very promising Greek bands. Is the Greek scene starting to have depth?

– There is certainly depth –the listeners must speak of the quality of the scene. The circumstances –political, social- are in favor. The problem lies in the fans and the way the mainstream “elite” (magazines, promoters etc.) supports the rising underground scene: the audience recycles the 5-6 bands that reign in our scene, the press is in the same direction, the promoters also prefer these bands… a well-made chain. So, gigs like Wreck must be marginalized, especially if you consider that on Friday’s gig we will be “against” Opeth and on Saturday Power Crew is “against” Sanctuary… The fans need “training” in this area as well.

– Now, about the band….What does “Parthian Shot” mean? How did you come up with the idea for this name?

Generally and technically speaking, it is about a war technique which mounted archers from the Parthian tribe in Persia used. Metaphorically speaking, it means the sudden, without warning, strike. If someone visits our site (www.parthianshotband.gr, it will be renewed, as it has run a little behind lately), there lies a detailed explanation of the name.

– Even though your band is more than ten years old, your material is limited in just two Ep’s. What’s the reason behind this?

– The curse and the pathogenesis of Greek reality is the reason: work, studies, line-up changes… Anyway, I think everything happens for a reason, a good one: the addition of the drummer Andreas Milios (False Coda) was the missing link… both in terms of performing and composing we are talking about a talented musician.

– Your music consists of many classic rock hints with a more progressive orientation. Which bands would you portray as your influences?

– We most certainly have many classic rock references as –even due to our age- they consist our main influences. The quartet Queen-Zeppelin-Rush-Floyd is our common ground, still we are not fond of labeling our progressive stuff. If it was necessary though, I’d say we are a Prog metal band with many rock influences. If that was obvious in our ’12 Ep, then wait and see what comes next… A wide range of elements, starting from the foretold and ending in even some Djent outbreaks (not as furious though…).

– Is there any activity by members of the band related to music outside the band itself? Is music a part of life?

– Half of us are part-time musicians, while our guitarists Chris Mike and Costas Smonos are full-time. It’s not a part of life – it is life.

– This year will be crucial for Parthian Shot. What are your feelings and anticipations for the future?

– Look, we’ve lived four years filled with landmarks for us: starting from the first and only –so far- Greek tribute to Queen up to our supporting Mayfair and Fates Warning… While we can’t get enough of the things happening with this band, still, our dream is to break from the Greek musical boarders and become widely known. We want to make more steps ahead, not driven by greed, but by pure love for what we do. We are fascinated by the fact that our music is liked by others. We are honored to be considered as a quality band, it is our aim anyway. And we have so much faith in the music we produce, that urges us to have high hopes.

– Would you like to give us some links, where one can get in touch with you or buy your stuff?


– So, we the final words towards our readers should be yours…

– We leave the words to the readers. We’re just trying to support the mentality that they should not be stuck on the surface of things in metal music. There’s plenty of rich stuff underneath, given that one could filter the good from the bad. Further on, we must mention that there are only a few days left for Wreck Athens Fest, and those who will attend the shows will be convinced that we speak the truth. We would, finally, like to renew the appointment with the readers for not long ago, when we have the new album in hand.

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