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Interview with Paul Speckmann (Master, Death Strike, Abomination,etc.)


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– Hi Paul, I hope everything is good in your life. I could start writing “it’s an honor doing an interview with Paul Speckmann” or “Interview with a legend of death metal”… but no. After all these years listening to Master/Death Strike/Abomination and many more, you are like a friend. And this is what mostly people feel about Paul Speckmann, you never had a behavior of a “rock star”. What do you think about the death metal scene in our days?!

Let’s just say that sometimes it’s a struggle today, but we and many other bands are out there still fighting the good fight, so things continue to roll on! The scene continues to thrive in many countries and so the support is still there. This style of music will never go away, regardless of all the new sounds of shit as well as the pop music out there.

– You are running so many things, studio albums, live shows, merch of your bands, an upcoming book (!), you are getting older, but you are active enough. What is the motivation to never give up and run like a wolf in the scene of metal?

When one believes in oneself he continues to divide and conquer. I simply enjoy Metal and this is what I live for my friend. If you are not active you quickly die!

– You are a big fan of punk music (Discharge/G.B.H/Exploited) and it’s something we can hear, clearly, inside the music of Master. You think it’s also a reason that makes Master so special and not a typical death metal band?

To be honest these were and are my favorite bands for sure, but this has nothing to do with the writing process or creativity in the band! Master is a real band that’s not concerned with fiction. I write my lyrics about a particular place and time in history, about the hardships that mankind faces on a daily basis. The power struggle among the masses, the complete and utter control of all these tyrannical governments etc, has to come to an end! It’s time for a revolt of some sorts, so man can be truly free once again. The governments of all these so-called societies have too much power over the common man and this is wrong period. The youth of today must organize a revolt for sure, get off the computer and video games and search the outside world. If steps are not taken soon then we will all be enslaved indefinitely.

– Your political ideology is really strong as I know and as I can read to your lyrics, anti-Government stance, anti-religion, anti-nazi, human rights and so on… You prefer co-operating with bands and people that have the same political thoughts as yours?

Actually I rarely search the ideologies of the other bands we tour with. I normally have no say when it comes to the tour. So I roll the dice and hope for the best. But in my opinion today many bands realize the struggles we face so it’s rarely a problem.

– How difficult is for a band to “survive” for almost 31 years in the music business? And especially in the extreme scene.

Where there is a will there is a way. You have to continue to write good songs and search for concerts and festivals on a daily basis and it can be done of course, I am living proof! The band must be the most important thing in your life if you want to continue!

– Do you think you have more things to give to death metal or you are just keeping it alive like a father to his family?

I have nothing to prove to anyone except myself and I will continue to record, tour and share my vision of the future with all who will listen. Speckmetal lives on my friend.

– Have you listen any new bands from metal or punk scene that makes you really happy for their existence?


– How did you approach learning to play the bass, and did you study music theory?

I am a self taught musician. I went to a fantastic bass player shortly after Iron Maiden Killers was released and asked the teacher Jeff to figure out the middle bass break in Killers, and he never figured it out. I became angry, went home after these two lessons and figured it out myself. End of teachers story, etc! Feeling is what I play with theory is not important to me!

– When I saw Master in a small pub in Poland some years ago, someone scream “Only death is real” and you answer “Only death is welcome…”. What death means for Paul Speckmann ?

Death is when the body ceases to function, I have no fear of this, there is no reason to be afraid my friend everybody dies!

– Any message for your greek friends/fans?!

Yes ask your promoters to bring Master to Greece again people. I laugh when I see all the crappy bands and Master imitators that play Greece. There is only one true Master!

– Ok my friend, old wolf as I used calling you, I have to thank you for this conversation, last words to close this talk are yours!

Support underground Metal, we have to eat also. You can purchase Master stuff at master-speckmetal.net if you are interested, see you soon people!


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Leonidas Douras
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