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Interview with Peavy Wagner (Rage)


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Hi, Peavy! How are you doing?

I’m good actually, thanks!

New line-up for the band featuring this time two guitarists! After last year’s departure of Marcos Rodriguez, Stefan Weber (ex-Axxis) was enlisted, followed just a few weeks later by Jean Bormann (Angel Inc, Rage and Ruins). How is it rolling so far with the new band members?

Very good I have to say. We were really lucky to work with these guys and they are working together harmonically, no competition between them and no ego problems or so, which I think is very important. It was a good move.

You recorded twelve new songs, from raw thrash, such us ´Virginity` (also the first single and video), ´The Age Of Reason` and ´Extinction Overkill`, to more mid-tempo pieces like ´Arrogance And Ignorance’, and of course straightforward ballads like ´Black Room`. Describe us a bit the songwriting procedure this time.

I had the basic ideas for the songs, the skeleton of all compositions. Songs were pretty much ready already from December 2019. We have released Wings of Rage album previously. After new members came in the band, I shared with them my ideas and we were able to work on them all together, our drummer also contributed with a few riffs. We were good team.

“We were born from virginity, now we live in pain, live in fear”, as taken from “Virginity” single lyrics. Do you think virginity is lost nowadays…? I mean on a social scale …?

I think humanity has lost its virginity a really long time ago. Well the song describes the scenery from the old testament of the bible of paradise lost. A thousand years ago when human kind changed their lifestyle from being nomads, and hunters, and collectors leaving with nature, they changed, they settled down, and they were interfering into nature by leaving farming etc. This was the turning point of all the problems that we are dealing with nowadays (catastrophes, wars etc). That’s what this song is all about.

What is your personal perspective of the society as formed under current circumstances? Is it also reflected in the thematology of your new album?

All the lyrical concept of the songs is based on what I have just described above. I tell the whole story from back then, ten thousand years ago, to nowadays, enhancing of course my personal opinion about human society that we have lost a bit the view and the understanding for the meaning of life, that we are actually a part of the whole picture, and not separated from the rest of the creation. A lot of people have forgotten it you know…

We sure do notice a different rhythmic perspective, in Travelling through time… There is an evident Renaissance essence let’s say… How did that come about?

Musically it’s based on a piece of classical from an Italian composer, named Giorgio Maniero, from the Renaissance age. I developed a few ideas around that piece of Italian traditional music in a way and during the programming phase, something went totally out of track, giving the song a different rhythm which made it even more interesting out of the blue. Also the orchestration was added on top of it that leaded the song back to its origins. Lyrically, on the other hand, people nowadays seems to me being time travelers, because we have all the experiences from our ancestors. We wouldn’t be here, we wouldn’t be what we are without all these generations before us and this in my mind makes us all time travelers, even if we don’t know you have all those in our heads you know.

How did you come up with the idea behind the cover art of the album?

It’s all about the rough idea of creature, thus out of volcano with all these lost souls, from all generations before us. The description of the idea behind the cover art was given to me via phone call and I gave my consent to the artist to go ahead with whatever he had envisioned.

The first track to be released was a remake of the song “Price of War.” Were you guys aiming testing out how things will work out with your new band mates before start working on any new material?

The idea behind it was that we wanted to introduce the new line up to the fans and I think it was a far better idea than posting just a photo. We wanted this way to give an essence of how the band would sound with the new line up. The idea was to record a quick version of Price of War and release it as a video clip. Basically was an introduction of the new band.

RESURRECTION DAY appears to me to be a bit heavier, and there are for sure more thrash metal influences compared to your previous work. Was it your intention to turn out like this?

I don’t think it was on purpose, but came out naturally due to the whole situation. Thrash elements were always part of RAGE’s music identity. Maybe this time we wrote more towards this direction, we have new young guys and they were hungry, everybody was also suffering by the lockdown, we couldn’t play live shows, so maybe this energy flowed into the songs.

Does the orchestral side of RAGE belong to the past?

We have as well in this album some orchestral parts. Same thing here, such elements are part of RAGE’s sound. There are four songs that have orchestration. So it’s still on the whole picture.

It was for sure difficult missing out most of last years’ shows … How did you manage coping with this?

We had a few substitutes, we had a few streaming shows, like this Wacken worldwide streaming show and some others, we played a few corona shows where the people had to be seated and staff. But this is just a lame excuse for no real metal shows haha. We were actually bored as there were no shows for ten months or so. Last weeks we were able to play a few shows again, and we just realized how hungry we are for heading back on the road, touring and playing live shows. We have planned a tour for November to December this year, and we hope that everything goes well and we are going to be able to do it. Right now pandemic situation is rising again here in Germany and I’m not sure we will have the chance to play each and every show of the tour. Let’s see how all this situation it’s going to end.

The floor is yours….

Thank you so much, we’ve missed playing in Greece, we hope that sooner or later we will be able to come and play, and celebrate metal music with all of you guys. Until then… Enjoy Resurrection and hope to see you soon!

Thank you for your time and the interview!

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