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Interview with Perturbator


Given the frequency that Perturbator are on the road, it must have been really hard during the lockdown; as an introduction, would you mind telling us how did you cope with this entire situation, and whether it had been a creative one?

It was definitely a very creative period for me. At the time the pandemic started I had many projects I was working on and to be honest, the huge amount of live shows I was doing were sort of hindering my progress. So in many ways the lockdowns gave me a lot of time to finish those projects i started – including “Lustful Sacraments”. I did started to miss shows after a while and I am extremely excited to start those again soon.

Lustful Sacraments”, one of my top albums of the year came out during 2021. On that particular album, there’s a notable twist; more gothic elements, resembling the darkwave scene from other eras. What led you to the decision to take your music a step further this time?

Definately. I wouldn’t necessarely call it a step “further” though, as I see it more like a different incarnation of my music, but this is an album I’ve always wanted to make. I’ve always been a fan of goth, post-punk and darkwave music ever since I was a young teenager. And I wanted this album to be a bit of a love letter to those genre of music, while still keeping the Perturbator sound. It was quite challenging but also really fun and interesting to switch up my old habits. The writing, the instrumentation and even the production needed to be a bit different and reminiscent of these genres. Making my music more organic, less in-your-face or hard-hitting but rather focusing on melodies. Even just mimicking some of the simplicity of what makes this kind of music great in the first place took me a lot of trial and error.

In 2019, you worked with Alcest on “Sapphire”. Should we expect more collaborations as such in the future for you?

Most definitely, I love Alcest and I am very good friends with it’s members. We are often talking about doing more music together so it’s surely something that will happen in the future in some capacity

Horror, post punk, retrowave vibes are some of your themes that could perfectly describe Perturbator’s music. Are there are any other influences you might have, a bit more obscure? Something that we cannot easily identify, maybe?

I think it’s a bit noticeable in some specific tracks of mine but I am a big fan of Jazz, Fusion Jazz and Darkjazz. You might hear a bit of that in my calmer or more atmospheric tracks the good layering of mood and atmosphere is as important to me as is melodies or even aggressiveness – sometimes even more so. It’s no secret that I am also into black metal and other extreme metal genres as well. Dark Techno and EBM for the mathematical coldness of it, funk music and soul for the groove of it and much more. I listen to all kinds of stuff and I’m sure they all in some way end up color some of my own music.

Which one would you consider as your top-studio performance so far?

I don’t think I can answer that one. Almost all of my releases sets out to do something different and so I don’t compare them with each other. If we’re just talking about skill level I would say New Model is up there but a “best studio performance” shouldn’t be just about that. I love them all for different reasons.

Speaking of performance, you have dominated a ton of stages across the world. Any particular memory you might want to share?

Playing at PolandRock was a bit of a milestone since I have never played in front of so many people so that was very memorable. But in general every show has it’s share of memories. Seeing new faces and getting wasted at the afterparties is always really fun.

Now that we’re slowly getting back on track with live performances again, you are due to perform once again in Athens while you had visited Greece for two years in a row before Covid-19. Is there anything particular you might see in the Hellenic audiences?

Well, simply people enjoying themselves.

What should we expect from you this time in Athens in April, having “Lustful Sacraments” in your back pack?

A bigger show with more lights, with the addition of guitars and vocals, with new songs, good music, sweaty people.

Turning over the rotation, what would your expectations be for your upcoming tour? Any last words?

I just hope it’ll go well without any cancellations or reschedules and that every show will be great both for the audience and for myself. That’s it! Other than that I advise anyone to listen to the polish metal band Biesy.

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