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Interview with Primordial’s Alan Averill “Nemtheanga”


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 – Greetings Primordial, let me send you my best wishes to you and your beloved, for the new year. What are your thoughts about 2024, is this how it ends, with wars, new pandemics, artificial intelligence and crushing new realities?

– I really don’t know but it certainly looks like we are heading into a turbulent year on many levels, politically, socially, culturally, I’ve no doubt things are going to get more tribal, and as far as AI is concerned I this and next year are going to reveal a lot, as old methods of work and being are going to change. Maybe we’ve finally as a species pulled the black ball out of the bag (re. Black ball theory)….

“Most of these balls are white, representing technological advancements that benefit humanity. A small number of grey balls represent innovations that are dangerous but manageable. However, there’s also a black ball in the urn, symbolizing a disastrous invention that could lead to the collapse of civilization.”

Who knows…

– “How it Ends” was one of my absolute favorite albums last year, it was perfectly balanced, sentimental, powerful and speaking directly to my heart. What are your feelings about it, almost 5 months after its release and how does it find its place to your discography?

– Hard to say, you only really get a feeling for a the songs in my opinion when you have played them all live, which we have not done yet. I think it’s a strong album, more metal, more aggressive and speak to our times.

– We will have the opportunity to enjoy Primordial live in Greece, in Athens and Thessaloniki. Here in the north, in Thessaloniki you will be headlining, so we are even luckier! What should we expect, a best-of live set or your new songs?

– Again, we have no fixed the live set but i would hope we will have some more new songs to play that we managed on the tour with PL we just did, my hope is to play over the coming year all of them at some stage, but it’s hard to find the time in a career with ten albums

– Can you recall your best live performance, a gig that is still special to you and explain to us the reasons a concert can be unique and special? Is there a special connection between the artist and the audience that can be achieved through the music or is it just the energy and power that entertains?

– I can’t, there are too many and they all have something unique about them, the people, the city, the moment. I think both things are true, it can be transcendental, spiritual even, it can also be about meeting friends and cutting loose on a Friday night….you choose.

– The cover art of “How it ends” still haunts me as a meaningful image of bravery, impending doom and hope. Why did you choose this art to cover your albums, what does it mean to you?

– This was an add for farming, from an Irish newspaper from the 20s, i just put the gun in the man’s hand…..i wanted something stark, and striking…..

– I will be straightforward! Is this your last album? Do you think that your vision for Primordial has come to an end? If not, can you share your ideas for the band in 5 years from now?

– Who knows., the title wasnt meant to imply that, but itis cryptic, none of us really know where we are in 5 years. Seems a fools errand to make such a long plan right now

– What is Primordial’s place in the world? What did you want to express in the 90s when the band was formed and what is your “mission” today? Which are your best memories from the 90s about a black metal scene that was exploding and how do you perceive heavy metal today?     

– Who knows, just to be something passionate, vital and committed, and carve our own path in the rock. I think the early 90s was defined by the impetuosity of youth, tape trading, fanzines, writing to people, the excitement of being part of that underground scene. Today? I have no idea really, we had a moment where almost stepped into the mainstream, but that seems gone now, who knows….we keep on keeping on.

– “Who dares/To sing/Out of tune/And rewrite the refrain/And live out of time/We must sing/The song of these people/ It’s of/A deep/Unyielding pain”. This is heartbreaking, the truth of our times. I wonder if this is a call for freedom, for resistance or just an afterthought on progress and change? It is one of the best lines, I have read for a long, long time.

– The album is in my opinion one of resistance, revolution, a soundtrack to standing for something, standing alone, standing up to authoritarianism, if I can say, it’s an album for everyday working people.

– I bid you farewell for now and will see you soon in Greece! The last words are yours!

— See you all soon.. Let’s cut loose…..

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