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Interview with Revolted Masses


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Revolted Masses returned during 2015 with “Age of Descent”. On December 22 I was lucky enough to find myself drinking coffee with Vaggelis and Giorgos, guitarist and bassist respectively, and to “interrogate” them about the band, plans and their general opinion.

Tell us a few words about the band and how it came to be.

We are Revolted Masses from Athens, we play death / thrash metal, which we combine with several oriental musical elements and political themes in lyrics. We started in 2008, we used to hang out together at the beginning and we felt the need to play some music containing groove and metal. Everything else happened naturally along the way.

So far we have released a demo and an EP, 2009 and 2010 respectively, in 2013 we released our first album “Us or Them” and recently our second full length with the title “Age of Descent”via the finnish Inverse Records.

Death Metal,Thrash,News,Interviews,Greece,Revolted Masses,Inverse Records,2016,Oriental,You have a new singer. Are you satisfied with your choice and the result?

Yes, alot. The truth is that replacing a member behind the microphone, someone that plays an important part in the development of our music, is quite difficult, it’s a challenge. We are a good match with our new singer, Giorgos, musically and as personality, something that perhaps is even more important. He had helped us with the bass when our bass player, also called Giorgos, was in the army (note: joining the army is mandatory for male Greek citizens by law). We are now stronger than ever!

Something that I liked about your album is the oriental elements. What made you use musical elements like these?

It was part of our musical development. When we, the 2 guitarists, started the band, those elements appeared almost automatically. We liked grafting those elements with metal, something that was obvious from our earliest recordings. Of course there are bands that have already done that with more success, but we believe that our origins allow us to do it in a different and interesting way.

There was a surprise collaboration with Fotis, former drummer of Septic Flesh. How did this happen?

Fotiswas our drummer’steacher and they used to hang out together. He also helped us during the recording, set up and tuned our drums in a way to achieve the best possible outcome. He also gave us tips about the sound and how he would do it. He also sings so he liked the idea. Fotis has helped our band a lot and when we asked him to participate he did not hesitate. Although many make the mistake of thinking that he is playing drums in the song when actually he does the clean vocals.

Death Metal,Thrash,News,Interviews,Greece,Revolted Masses,Inverse Records,2016,Oriental,

Something quite funny about this is the fact that in one of the reviews, the author said some not so kind words about our drummer and he concluded that the only ray of light, drum-wise, was with Fotis, while he is actually singing and the band’s drummer is playing the drums.

No one creates music if he haven’t listened to something first. What are the influences in your case?

We have been influenced by the whole spectrum of music, not just metal. EspecialyinourlastCDwehaveinfluences from many genres such as flamenco and some parts in rempetiko forms, that part is mostly due to our other guitarist Kostas.

In the rock spectrum our influences include the behemoths of the genre like Black Sabbath, Metallica, Iced Earth, Opeth and of course some newer bands like Orphaned Land, Decapitated, Dying Fetus, Revocation.

Death Metal,Thrash,News,Interviews,Greece,Revolted Masses,Inverse Records,2016,Oriental,Were you impressed by any releases this year?

David Bowie’s last release was excellent. His 10 minute video has epic music and image. From the rock / metal genre Ghost’s last one, while it has strange harmonies they use pop choruses at some points that get stuck in your mind.

What’s your opinion on today’s Greek music scene?

A lot can be said. Regarding the music quality the scene has developed a lot. There is no reason to make a distinction between Greek and international scenes. There are some really good bands and even some remarkable ones that just happened to be from Greece. We have managed to finally escape the narrow confines of the country, but unfortunately many bands now try to follow their own individual way instead of creating a scene like bands did in Sweden, Germany etc.

Actually we would like to make a call to other bands through this interview so we can walk a common path together, not only musically but ideologically as well. To create a common front and act collectively in every possible way.

Any concert plans?

We had a live at Kookoo to promote the album, and we had a good response from fans. Itwasalmostfull. We are looking to do more in other towns too and we are talking with other bands about this. We also have some proposals for lives in other countries and we are evaluating those. Our immediate plans include another live at Kookoo with some other bands for the tenth anniversary of Dimlight. At the same time we are talking about some other lives too and we would love to play in Thessaloniki.

In the past there used to be a dispute about the relationship between punk and thrash metal. What’s your opinion on that?

If we look beyond the difference in music there is nothing but common ground between the two genres. Bothmovementshavebrilliantbands bothidealogicallyand musically. The punk attitude is consistent with thrash. Besides, music shouldn’t divide people but unite them. Wemuststayawayfromideasthatdividetwogenres, especially when there is nothing to divide between them.

Your cover was also pretty good. Not just artistically but it wanted to show.Death Metal,Thrash,News,Interviews,Greece,Revolted Masses,Inverse Records,2016,Oriental,

Basically the aim of the album’s title and artwork was to show that we have reached the era of decline. We wanted to show that everything moves around a “god” that everybody follows blindly. A system that distributes fascism   and feeds consumerism. That makes us fail both as individuals and as a society. It was an idea we had and we contacted Manthos Stergiou at Manster Design, who is also the singer of Tardive Dyskinesia. He loved the concept and he made it reality in a great way, he helped us visualize what we only had as an idea.

Last question. What’s your opinion on our present situation? Fascism, refugee crisis etc.

Situation in our society is getting worse. And it’s not just that but history repeats itself, like the phenomenon of fascism. Society has forgotten and seems to open its arms wide to such abhorrent phenomena and ideologies.

We, as a band, feel obligated to express our beliefs through our music. It would be hypocritical not to. Besides we always thought music as a vehicle to express our political views, something we openly do. Today the necessity for people to wake up and revolt against everything that destroys our lives is bigger than ever. We do not want to say something bad about other bands but musicians should think, it not all about battles and dragons. Musicians should wake people up.

So art with a purpose and not art just for the sake of art?

You said it all in one sentence.

Thankyouforyourtime, anylastwords?

We would like to thank both you and Metal Invader for this interview and see you on the streets!

Angel Spiliopoulos
Angel Spiliopoulos
"He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."

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