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Interview with Sacral Rage


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Being the center of attention amongst the Greek (and global) heavy metal scene, we seized the opportunity to talk with the band – phenomenon, Sacral Rage, about everything!

Hi, guys! I am excited about exchanging a few words! How are things flowing?

Good evening! The spirits that haunt us are pacified this time. We expect to marshal some obligations in order to arrange our future moves. On other news, we’ve started working on a new dark material.

“Illusions In Infinite Void”. This late March you’ve caused a huge explosion. Within a few days you garnered loads of fans. How do you feel about that?

It is true that we’ve received many good comments, good reviews and glorifying messages of inexhaustible metal attitude from all dives in the world. We are very happy that conspiracy paranoia is starting to take action. We hope to meet and play for each friend of our anger.

Could you please describe to us the process you followed while producing the record? Was it something that rolled away smoothly or did you encounter difficulties? Did it take you a long time to finish it?

The recordings for the album took part during October and November 2014, while mixing / mastering during December and January 2015. We don’t believe that it took us more than it should, just what was needed to get the result we wanted. The process had its difficulties because we had to surpass ourselves most of the time. But in the end with the help of Nick Papakostas (Entasis Studios) during the recordings and Harry Zoureilidis (Feedback Studios) in mixing / mastering, everything fell into place.

The record received excellent reviews; especially in online media the comments were enthusiastic. How do you handle this sudden rise? What do you think is the reason for that?

Nothing has changed in our behavior, nor do we believe that there is something to handle. We perceive our work in the same way, whether it appeals to one person or to a hundred or to a thousand individuals. We are fans and we are dealing with fans. Families don’t need a “manual” for communicating with each other. Now what draws people to our music, I think first of all is the music itself. It’s the compositions, the feelings, and the performance, as well as the nostalgia theme and originality. We’ve combined a very favorite offshoot of the world of metal with our own component, which was forgotten for many years. This alone gives our music an identity that many recognize.

Underground or universal recognition? What’s Sacral Rage goal, taking into consideration your way of playing and composing? Can there be a balance between these two?

Of course there can be balance between the two. Besides, they are two separate concepts. The underground is a way of thinking and acting. We will never get away from the underground culture because it holds the fans together. We will never perceive music as a means of exposing our personalities nor will we turn the music of Sacral into something more commercial to touch mainstream streaks. If the music we like to play ever gains universal recognition, we’ll be excited. It is the dream of every musician to play around the world in venues packed with crazy fans.

Lyrically speaking, your themes are unique and often obscure. Paranoia, apocalyptic scenes, tremor, shamans. Where do you draw your inspiration from and how did you end up with these themes?

Most of the lyrics of the songs are written by me (Dimitris) and Spiros. The stories are plucked from our imagination mixed with various dark spots of history. Anything that presents itself with mysticism, inspires us; from the vast and unexplored depths of the universe, the ancient ceremonies of Egyptian gods and shamans, up to extreme scientific experiments that may bring the end of the world.

A question about the lyrics again; what you describe are just simple stories or is there a message you want to convey to your listeners?

I don’t think we want to convey any messages; the lyrics don’t serve such a role. Nonetheless, they’re not absolutely independent. Some of the stories may stand separately from others, but in the overall picture they follow a common theme that was used in “Illusions …” There are various forms of evil in the endless time. The “infinite void” used in the title, has the meaning of a black hole that travels you through time and each piece goes through the eyes of the unfortunate who got swept into its vortex, like a mirage of the worst nightmares of history.

Your music, blistering, with alternating rhythms, themes, etc., seems to be guided by a movie character. If you had the chance of using it as a soundtrack, in what movie would you use it?

Our music would fit in a dark, post-apocalyptic, psy-fi mystery movie with fast action, and plot twists. The first that came to my mind was the “Blade Runner”. But since the OST of the film is one of the best of all time, I’d rather not touch it and chose the second one that came to mind. Although it’s not as psy-fi, the paranoia and extremity of Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior is a must.

The cover of the album is a patchwork of pyramids, gods, statues, advanced technology. What’s hidden behind? Whose creation is it?

The initial idea was mine. I wanted to combine many images I had in my mind based on the lyrics we wrote. Also, we wanted our cover to carry much information, as a warning sign for what’s about to musically follow. The result is what Matthias Frisk perceived, who is the creator of our cover art, along with his own touches, as we let him do his thing without any restrictions.

Many believe that the power / thrash / prog you have chosen to serve, is characterized by affectation or sterile pretentious techniques. What would you answer if someone included you in this category? (This question is designed to see and understand how you perceive this facet of music and in no case to blast you.)

Initially as a fan of this genre I disagree with this view. I think this genre produced countless inspired albums and I do not see any pretentious technique show-off. The same of course applies to us. The technicalities in our music don’t come from some sort of show-off mania that pervades us, but we use them for the result that they give in our music. We like to sound complicated, paranoid, curious … This gives an identity to our music. It was never our goal to sound technically complex, with the wide use of the words.

You’ve recently participated in the Keep It True Festival, in Germany. A congregation of those who adore heavy metal. Tell us about the acquired experiences, your emotions, or share with us a story.

It was a great time for us, both as Sacral and as fans of this music. We performed in front of over a thousand crazy metallers from all over the world, into an underground heavy metal lair. We had the luck / honor to play a bit with the trillion-high Alan Tecchio, who apart from having an incredible voice, he is an unbelievable man. Behind the scenes was a total mayhem; Beehler, Tyrant, Roth walked beside us. We were filled with pure sentiment since so many of our childhood heroes were congregated in one place. At some point we hit the backstage with Alan, who told us stories of the past and let us to listen to something we promised not to mention to anyone… haha!

Alright! Until now you have released “Master Of A Darker Light” and “A Tyrannous Revolt” as official music videos. Do you have something new planned?

No, it’s not in our plans to shoot a new video. Maybe with some new release. Not necessarily a record…

What are your plans for the near and long term future? What do you have in mind? What’s the next step?

Once we stabilize our program, the aim is to make as many gigs as possible; in Greece and abroad. Also our attention has now turned to new material, without having a certain dead-line in mind.

With whom would you like to official collaborate with in your next job?

We would like to cooperate in any way with Rush, Hell, Vektor, Mercyful Fate, Watchtower… and then listen to the result.

Where can we enjoy you from now on? Have you booked any concerts or festivals, in Greece or abroad?

As I said before, we expect to clean up our obligations first. For now, all we have booked is Up the Hammers 2016 festival. We’re in the middle of some discussions for various other things, but nothing is official yet. Once agreed, everything will be announced.

Thank you for this dialogue! Hope to hear from you again soon! For closure, what message would you like to send to your fans via Metal Invader?

Thank you, Metal Invader.



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