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Interview with Samer Elnahhal


Good afternoon Samer, how have you been lately?

Very good, thanks, new album out and all.

Your most recent album “Dystopian Rose” just came out a few months ago! When did you start writing down the songs for this one, was it after “Supernova Kill Road” was out?

Yes, almost immediately. After my first album I thought to myself that I’ll have a break from writing, but it didn’t go that way. The songs just kept coming. And it’s still like that after this one too, I’m writing more all the time, I don’t know if it’s gonna be the third album or not, but still. Can’t seem to stop.

How has the response been so far for these two goodies?

Very good, I’m really happy with it. I’ve got a lot of positive feedback and I’m really grateful of that. Good reviews so far too. Cause you never know when you put out an album on your own, if anybody’s gonna listen to it, but I’m so glad to see that people started listening and they still do.

Let’s break down the album themes. Halloween, space, cyberpunk, heavy metal. So many various elements that are combined all in one. I presume you draw inspiration from various sources mostly related to 80’s heavy metal, right?

I grew up with 80’s heavy metal, so that you’ll definetily hear in everything that I do. It’s in my genes. But I wanna make it sound modern too, and throw in some spices from other styles as well, and hopefully something of my own too. If you listen carefully you can hear for example arabic and even latin vibes mixed in there. The theme of the album is different kinds of dystopias, so I wanted the album to be a bit darker and heavier. And I wanted desert to be one of the main elements, not forgetting the space theme that’s always present with me. I was thinking of movies like The Dune, the Fifth Element, John Carter, Sin City and also Gotham series. Add a pinch of real life, a pinch of bad human or alien behavior, all this in a blender and I think it pretty much sums up the album.

Which is your favorite track off “Dystopian Rose”?

This is really hard to say, cause it changes all the time. I like them all, I’m really happy with how they turned out. Sorry, I can’t pick just one, I think it depends on the mood you’re in.

Once again your album contains various vocalists for each track. How do you choose each for the tracks?

Yes, seven great lead vocalists. When the song is ready, I just listen to the song and look at the lyrics and imagine in my head who this one would suit the best. And then I ask if they wanna sing it, and they always do an outstanding job. They put their personality, ideas and talent in the songs and just breath life into the songs.

If one compares “Supernova Kill Road” and “Dystopian Rose”, what are the main differences?

They both are what I like to call space metal, but maybe Supernova Kill Road is leaning towards being a bit more funky space metal, when Dystopian Rose is heavier and darker dystopian rock/space metal, and with a real badass drummer, Mr. Killjoy.

Do you see yourself evolve as a musician each time you start writing down a new track? What I mean is, do you feel like each time it’s like a new person introduced to your own self?

I think there’s many crazy persons in me when I write! I hope I evolve as a musician. I guess when you do something or repeat pretty much anything over and over, you must learn something. So I hope I do.

Are you planning any live shows to support “Dystopian Rose”?

Not now, but hopefully one day in the future when I’ve figured out how to take this thing to the stage.

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