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Interview with Sataniac from Desaster


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– First of all, it is my great pleasure and honor to interview Desaster, being a long-time fan of yours. Since our talk was prompted by “Live in Bamberg”, my first question is how does it feel to reach 25 years of age as a band? Did you see it coming, could you imagine it when you first started? Which where the most significant events or moments in that time?

Thank you for your interest in Desaster. In the early days of your band, you don’t think about if your band will survive the next 25 years. It’s very fine that Desaster and Infernal (the last founding member of the band) survived such a long time without pleasing the business or anyone else.

There were a lot of significant moments. The tours through South America, the albums and several releases we have done. For me it’s not the special moment, it’s more the whole thing that makes me a little proud. Desaster is still alive after all these years and we are still the same guys, doing the noise in the same way we had done it in the past. Still loyal to our roots, we don’t take ourselves to serious, and we still have a lot of fun doing this shit.


– During the ’90s, the metal scene was full of gothic, atmospheric, melodic black metal and bad-quality europower. Excluding the underground scene, how did the audience, the press and the record labels see Desaster, an 80s-oriented band? What is your opinion on the genres I mentioned?

We don’t care about what others do. And even in the ’90s there where enough good bands that I liked. I don’t care about what the metal mainstream delivers. And it’s very good to see and hear that many underground bands from today try to bring evolution to there own sound and try to have a unique style that comes from the heart. There is a lot of well played music today, but the only thing that matters is, that you play with your fucking hearts. I don’t know what the press or the labels thought about Desaster. This is not interesting in any way!


– These last few years “oldschool” has become very popular. Do you think all those bands remembered old-school thrash, N.W.O.B.H.M and the first wave of black metal (Venom, Bathory, Celtic Frost etc) out of a sudden and they saw the light or is it just a personal gain opportunity for them?

For me it’s not important if they remember the old times. It’s more important to play the things that comes from your heart. But there are still a lot of young people who like the bands from the ’80s, and there must be a reason for that.


– The return of the ’80s sound also brought the reunions of legendary bands like Darkness, Exumer, Assassin etc. What do you, as fans, think of these reunions?

I don’t like reunions at all. Every time has it’s music! It’s ok if bands try to reanimate the old corpses to reach the old feeling and glory. But for me it’s not interesting at all. Ok, there are some good bands that reunite the last years, but not many to mention.


– How do you see your 7th album, 2012’s “The Arts of Destruction”? Do you believe it is your best or most “complete” album to date? In the 16 years between this album and your debut, “A Touch of Medieval Darkness”, what do you think has changed and what has stayed the same?

My favorite Desaster album is ‘Satan’s Soldiers Syndicate’, but I love every album we released. Like I told before, every time has it’s music, and a record collects all the emotions you feel in the time you write the music for it. So, it depends on how do you feel at this time, that’s more important to me if I try to think about the albums I have done. This is a question for the real fans and supporters. They are the only persons who can answer this question. But I think there won’t be a unique answer.


– Could you do a short recounting by telling us a few things about your every album? Do you have a favorite amongst them or one that you believe is the most important album in the band’s history?

DIVINE BLASPHEMIES: My first record with Desaster, we also recorded two tracks from Divine Genocide, my former band. The songs called ‘Necrolord’ and ‘Shadowinds’. Of course this one is my first “professional” recording ever, and I like the energy it bares.
ANGELWHORE: We tried to go a step further with longer songs, and a little kind of “progression”. We did some mistakes during the recording, because we recorded too LOUD, with some extra DISTORTION. Hahaha… I like the songs, but the sound is hard to handle at the first time. You have to listen more carefully and when you get into it the sound the songs will grow!
SATAN’S SOLDIERS SYNDICATE: This is my favorite! Maybe it’s the fastest one. Strictly to the point!
THE ARTS OF DESTRUCTION: Maybe this is the most complete album up to date. With everything on it Desaster stands for. Good artwork, fine sound…

– One can easily guess the bands that influenced you… are there any influences whether from inside or outside the metal scene that would surprise your fans? Name 5 albums you think are high in the preferences of all 4 Desaster members.

METALLICA – Kill’em All, SLAYER – Reign In Blood, VENOM – Welcome To Hell, MOTÖRHEAD – Ace Of Spades, MORBID ANGEL – Altars Of Madness


– Regarding your lyrical themes, where do you find your ideas, what inspires you?

Mostly, I listen to the instrumental demo songs that Infernal and Tormentor done for me. In 80% I listen that often to the demo ’till the words come to my mind. But sometimes there is a special theme I want to write about. Inspiration is everywhere, but sometimes nowhere. Sometimes it’s easy to find the “right” and “good” words, sometimes it’s more than hard to write some good or interesting lyrics.


– Many black metal bands are trying to connect the genre to extreme political views (mostly nazism and the extreme right wing in general). What is your view on this and on NSBM?

I don’t like religion and politics at all. This was found to control and handle people. I won’t follow any political ideology, and I won’t follow any god or prophet. Think for yourself and give some respect to those living next to you. Try to learn from any person who is different, instead of wasting energy to hate someone. The fact that people believe in their gods, since more than 2000 years, is horrible. There was so much wasted energy. So much fear wasted on hellfire and other punishments. Nazism is for people who take themselves too serious. Please accept that humanity is nothing. We are here, and death will always be the master, and the universe won’t care for you, especially when your are a Nazi… hahahahaha…


– Greece is a part of the international metal scene thanks to its renowned black metal scene (Rotting Christ, Necromantia, Varathron, Thou Art Lord, Zemial, Agatus etc). What do you think about our black metal scene? Do you know any other greek bands? Which ones?

Of course the Greece scene has it’s own face and sound. That’s very important because it’s a unique style. I like the bands you mentioned. My favorite band from Greece at the moment is Dead Congregation. I like my metal this way, occult, with evil and deadly intent… hahaha


– What are your future plans? When should we wait for your next album to come out? Are you planning a tour and if so, will Greece be a part of it?

We are working on new songs every time. Sometimes faster, sometimes we need more time. At the moment we have 4 new songs written, but I can’t tell you when a new Desaster record is finished. But time will tell… We didn’t do any tours in years, we prefer single shows at the weekend. And of course it would be fine to do some or one show in Greece in the future again!

– Thank you very much for your time. You can close the interview any way you like, with a message to your Greek fans or anything else.

All hail to the Greek fans out there, we had a very good time in Athens when we played there.
“Ohne Musik wäre das Leben ein Irrsinn!”


Thanx for your support!



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