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Interview with SepticFlesh


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Welcome to Metal Invader guys, it’s our honour to have you here again after 2 years.

In what condition is the band at the moment, besides the preparations for the show on Saturday?

-We have entered the phase of successive tours in global scale and the whole of 2018 will roll that way.

“Codex Omega” has already been released some months now and it has been received very warmly by the vast majority of the audience. In spite of all that, a big part of the audience believes that it does not go further than the limits set by “Titan” and that there are too many experimental elements this time. Are you happy with the end result?

-Yes, we believe that “Codex Omega” is a step higher than “Titan”. In general, as you already said, the public’s response was very very good. As for the comments that would like us to do something different, if they are well meant, then they are welcome. In reality there always were or are people that they wouldn’t like some details, or that they would prefer to have taken other choices concerning our compositions. That is normal and humane. You can’t satisfy everyone, neither it is correct from an artistic point of view to create your music while someone else dictates it. We always leave our inspiration free and follow our instinct concerning our final choices, aiming always for the best result according to our own criteria and taste.

Until the beginnings of 2000, your sound was more influenced by the English doom/death scene (My Dying Bride/Paradise Lost) while later, although you retained some of its elements, your sound developed more in its current form, this symphonic death metal that one can listen to in your last 5, at least, records. Why didn’t you continue the same pattern?

-After a certain point we felt ready to go deep. Of course we feel proud for our past. In general, we would always experiment, without following a narrow pattern. We just go on, building on our strong points and having created a very personal sound form. Another important fact is that we now have a wide range of musical instruments and that alone leads to different approaches in our compositions.

If we make a trip in 1994 and to “Mystic Places Of Dawn” for a few minutes and then come back to the present day, would there be something that you would change in that course and what would that be?

-We would start touring abroad earlier and with bigger courage. There has been a big period of time where we didn’t put the needed attention to our live shows and that delayed the positive evolution of the band for long.

 At the time of “Revolution DNA” and “Fallen Temple” Septicflesh were often experimenting with death rock, post and doom elements. Is experimentation such a defining factor for the band?

-Certainly. Despite the fact that experimentation raises the effort needed for a song to be created dramatically and always entails an important risk, because you never know what you are going to receive from the audience at the result of this experimentation, it is something that keeps us aware and excites us.

With “Communion” and “Great Mass”, Septicflesh became widely recognised in Greece and abroad. Did you expect those two releases to have such an impact?

-We believed in the force of those compositions, but we were prepared for everything. We just said that in any case we will do what we feel and what comes honestly from within and come what may.

Which Septicflesh album are you most proud of?

-We believe that all of our releases have something to give to the listener and this what we feel proud for. It is difficult to pick only one record out.

You were recently on tour with Inquisition and another tour with Dark Funeral will follow in the U.S.A. How do see the fans abroad?

-After consecutive live “attacks” abroad, a core of fans in many parts of the world has been created, while the range of people who come to our shows from year to year has been widening. In general, there is a strong support of our efforts by the fans of other countries and that keeps us optimistic about the future.

Do you follow what is going on in the Greek scene? Are there any bands with potentials that could be bigger in the future?

-There is a plethora of bands from all kinds of metal that have the potentials to shine. In general the Greek scene was and still is very strong.

Does the Greek crowd greet you more warm in comparison with the crowd abroad?

-For sure the Greek crowd is among the best. There are also many other countries where the audience has incredible energy and is very effusive in our live shows.

The show in Thessaloniki that was supposed to take place in February was transferred for April, in the middle of your shows in the U.S.A. and Sweden. Why this change?

-There was a readjustment of the dates in our tour with Dark Funeral and thus the date of our show in Thessaloniki had to be transferred as well.

 What should your fans expect from your live shows? What should we expect in Piraeus Academy on Saturday?

-Our show is updated with new settings, new uniforms etc. according to the aesthetics of “Codex Omega”, while also our setlist is influenced by that. Of course the fact that we are playing in our home ground on Saturday makes this a special event for us.

 What are the future plans of the band?

-We feel strong and optimistic about the future. In this current phase, live shows will be the priority. Later on, when this is done, we will think about our next steps.

Thank you very much for your time, see you on Saturday in Athens!

-We thank you as well. See you on Saturday!

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