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Interview with Serial Vice


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Good morning, Serial Vice. My name is Crystal and this is Metal Invader from Greece!

How are you all doing? What have you been up to lately?

– Hi Crystal and thanks to you and to Metal Invader for this space! We’re all fine, and we are currently busy about concluding the last album promotion phase. Last year was a blast for us: new label, new album out, new fans, new gigs, new stuff. After the album release we got a long break – interrupted only by a live showcase in the last February – and now we’ll see what will happens in the second part of 2018, when we’ll finally promote our album on the road! We’re still alive…!

Let’s take things from the beginning. How was the band formed? Have you known each other for a long time? What was the bond that got you all together?

– The idea to establish a band was born in 2011 from Alessandro Scorrano (drums) and Andrea Donaera (guitar). After some line-up changes, in 2013 another guitarist, Matteo Cirfeda, joins the project, and finally we started to compose our own songs. Then, in the middle of 2014 bassist Stefano Bianchini and singer Giacomo Albanese joins too. We are a group of five old friends, all part of the historical underground metal movement in our area, and we’ve known each other for many years: we’re friends, and this is why we care a lot about the band.

Your themes are based on society’s forbidden vices; drugs, killing and everything related. How did you draw the inspiration for such lyrics? How important is that people should break free from such vices and wishes?

– The basic concept of our album, that is of these worst nightmares that become drammatically reality, is closely related to the lyrics of the songs and the events told in them, which in turn are related to the main concept of “serial and continuous vices” from which our name is inspired. So we can say that our entire music project, for now, is inspired from this logical line.

In today’s world we are surrounded by people who insistently lose against their impulses, putting reason apart. So it was not difficult to put these lines on. However, as you mentioned, we mean “vices” in the broadest meaning of the term, thinking about any kind of “vice”, not just drugs, alcool, sex: even the desire to kill, the desire to die, the desperation for a lost one we cannot stop, and so on. To overcome this species of return to the past, of relapse into the most embryonic and animal state of the human mind, what happened a few centuries ago must happen again: reason must triumph, because only by willpower everyone can beat the demons of their vices that incessantly hovers over their existence.

What are your secret vices?

– They are secret, so we cannot tell you. Nothing strange or worrying, anyway!

“Nightmares Come True”. Have you really had any nightmares popping up while you are in the band? What’s the worst thing that has happened to the group?

– Fortunately, nothing really unpleasant has ever happened since we started playing together. Of course there have always been big obstacles to overcome, but we have never surrendered to anything: the passion for our music always wins over everything.

How did your collaboration with Sliptrick Records come up? Are you satisfied with it?

– With the album complete and ready to be published, in 2016 we sent our demos to many labels and some responded with a contract proposal. Well, the Sliptrick Records’ project seemed to us the most complete and so we signed for the first press of the album: we cannot complain about them.

How has the album been going ever since it got out?

– The continuous postponement of the album has done nothing but create a little wait in our “followers”, and the answer was honestly excellent because the album was received very well, with numerous positive feedback from both experts and those who are neophytes or simple rock music lovers, and this is just amazing!

Tell us a little more about your inspirations, music-wise and your ambitions from the band.

– There are really a lot of individual influences mixed in our music, and this is why we consolidate our sound into a Heavy Metal between classic and modern, gritty and melodic, with various and extensive influences – from Hard Rock to Thrash, from Doom to Power. We want to play some True Heavy Metal trying to always remember we are in 2017 and not in 1985! Historical groups like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon and Motorhead have always inspired us, but reach the fame and the glory of the groups that we like remains our “dream in the drawer”: for now we are content to feel like we are juxtaposed, on a musical level, to groups like Maiden or Priest by the people that listen us! There is not a main goal for us like fame or success: we play this stuff because we like to do it, and we want to let the world know how fucking good it is. This is our main inspiration!

What about your live performances? Have you shared the stage with bands you admire?

– We have a lot of fun playing live shows. We believe that we have achieved a good level of confidence in our live performances: the songs and the set-list are the result of a long running-in, so we are all very cohesive and we commit fewer mistakes. So play gigs is every time a big party for us. From 2014 to today we have played in about thirty concerts, all in Italy, dividing the stage with wonderful groups and some big names in Italian metal like Doomraiser, Fingernails, Sawthis and so on.

What is on Serial Vice’s calendar for the days to come?

– We went on stage on September 15th in Paderno Dugnano (Milan), and we’re trying to schedule others live concerts for this ending part of the year. Then from next year we will try to compose new songs for a second album or we will try to plan a new tour, maybe with dates outside the national borders!

The last words are upon you! Have a nice day!

– Thank you for supporting underground metal music: don’t stop, we need this! Take a look to our social pages and to our website, where you’ll find our music, news, live dates, photos, videos! http://www.serialvice.tk

Thank you and…UP THE VICES!

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