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Interview with She Past Away


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Back in Greece after almost one year from your amazing shows in Athens and Thessaloniki in April 2022. You do have a special bond with Greece, don’t you?

Doruk: We played Athens every year since 2014 except the pandemic period. Thessaloniki happened few times. So yes, we feel the love and keep coming back.

Within the Covid-19 time, literally everything happened around the world; mostly negative things. Let’s take these one by one though. How was the quarantine period for She Past Away? Was it a period of serenity or of creation?

Volkan: We stopped touring for 18 months straight and then there was period when we were able to tour on and off . First 6 months felt great actually, lots of home and studio time. Later it started to get depressing and suffocating. The final part of lockdowns were really hard to take.

Amidst that, in 2020, you made the “X” album to pay your own tribute to artists of the same sound that you admire and respect. What led you to the creation of such an album?

Doruk: We were in preparation of X in 2019, already spoken to most of the artists and even had some remixes done. We wanted to mark the 10th anniversary of SPA with a collaboration of the scene bands.

Honestly I’m seeing a big revival of 80’s nostalgia. Happened a few years back with heavy metal, and now it’s goth’s turn to take over. It’s amazing that it’s finally happening but do you think this is just fashion going into circles or people have started to appreciate quality, and maybe, also feel the need to express the sadness in them?

Volkan: I guess it’s about circles of fashion.

Back to the music – what should a first-comer expect from a SPA show? What should Greece expect this time for you, as a part of an open air festival for Goths in the middle of summer?

Doruk: A first comer may expect a surprise to see 2 guys on stage instead of the usual 3 or 4. We play a selection of songs from all 3 albums, in a fashion that wanders in tempo and moods.

Which other bands would you expect to see/meet at the very same night of the Death Disco Festival?

Volkan: Well, it’s an all star lineup, so everybody.

Should we keep an eye on any new releases soon?

Doruk: Indeed, a few singles are ready and waiting for their scheduled release.

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