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Interview with Silver Dust


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Since we’re hosting Silver Dust for the very first time, would you mind introducing the band for us?

Hello, Metal Invader! We are a rock/metal band from Switzerland. The media usually define us as “theatrical rock” or “Tim Burtonian rock” due to our style. Silver Dust was founded in 2013 by our vocalist and guitarist Lord Campbell. We have released three albums so far. On stage what we provide is more than just music, it’s a real show with visual effects, actors and a lot of energy.

How would you describe your music?

Our musical and visual universe is pretty unique and the media usually struggle to classify us within a specific style. You can find a lot of orchestral and electronic influences in our music. What you experience when listing to Silver Dust is actually like watching a movie or listening to an original soundtrack.

You have done several tours with Lordi and Battle Beast all around Europe. How have the guys been treating you?

It was simply awesome! They are very nice people and very professional! We learned a lot by just talking with them and watching them playing. When you’re on the road for so long with people, it’s really important to have a good friendship.

You have already released three albums so far. For which one are you mostly proud of?

Every album has something special. But we are very proud of the last one, “House 21”. It was a real challenge to create the world around the music and a continuous story, since “House 21” is a concept album.

What has life on tour taught you?

Of course, going on tour is a dream coming true and an amazing life experience. You constantly learn when being on tour. It’s interesting because life on the road has another dimension. Firstly, from a human point of view. It’s an interesting experience because you have to live with people for several monts and to find a way to deal with it. In addition, you are far from home and family and you live at night most of the time. As you can see, you are quite disconnected from your usual life at home. But every day is a gift on tour! From a musical point of view, you learn a lot and you have to be constantly better every night. You have to eat healthily as much as you can, you have to take care of yourself and give the best you can on stage.

Since you have also appeared in many festivals, would you say you prefer small venues or a slot on a big music festival?

These are two different things, both with pros and cons. In a festival, the stage is huge so we can arrange it very well, and most of the time you can feel the massive sound just from the stage, it’s an awesome feeling! We always like the ambiance of festivals. However, we’re usually a bit far from the fans when being on stage due to the setup. In smaller venues, we like the proximity. When we have the opportunity to play closer to the fans, it gives a different feeling, for the fans and for us. Both kind of stages are important and necessary for us.

You are due to go on the road with our own Rotting Christ and Portuguese werewolves Moonspell. What are your expectations of the tour?

We expect a different type of audience than in the other tours we did. Both bands are more “extreme” musically, so we’ll have to be more powerful with the set. It’s a great challenge! Of course, we want to have fun, that’s what music is about: giving something to the audience, and having fun doing it. We really can’t wait to meet those giants and their audience! We’re glad to be part of this tour.

What should we expect from a Silver Dust show?

Well, Silver Dust is a universe per se! You will find magic and fantasy. It’s of course for your ears but also for eyes. You will be very surprised! Just relax and enjoy getting in our universe. Everywhere we went, people told us they never saw this before, it’s so rewarding for us! We’re going to make our best to give you a show you will never forget!

What do you expect from Greek audiences?

Rotting Christ are from Greece and their energy is absolutely brutal. So we can imagine that the Greek audience is a powerful and crazy crowd! Every crowd is different, so we hope the Greek audience will surprise us!

Is there anything else you would like to mention here?

Thanks to Metal Invader’s readers and thanks to our fans for their incredible support! We are very happy to come to Thessaloniki, that’s the first time for us in Greece so we are excited about it. Last but not least, if you want to stay up to date with Silver Dust’s latest news, follow us on social media.

Thanks for your time and see you in Thessaloniki!

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