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Sinister are synonymous to the term Dutch death metal. The band has been around for almost three decades now and they never seem to rest, as they released a full length “The Post-Apocalyptic Servant” last year and now a cover album named “Dark Memorials”. Distinctive, honest and aggressive in nature, we decided to have a conversation with them about their past, their present and their future as a band.

Greetings, how’s it going over there?

I am ok but its here in Slovenia so hot .. and i am from Holland so like more cold weather and rain hahaha.

You are one of the first death metal bands out of the Netherlands, if I’m not mistaken. Thanatos and Asphyx came a bit earlier… How do you feel as one of your country’s forefathers of extreme sound?

Of course its nice to have a special place in the scene. I think together with Asphys and Gorefest we put Death metal on the map for Holland. Thanatos was at that time maybe more thrash but for 100% one of the first great bands from Holland.But for me this is history now its time to look forward with Sinister.

As a band that counts twelve full length albums plus demos – splits – Eps – compilations in your discography, which was the strongest and weakest moment of your musical journey so far?

As far i can see now was the beginning strong for the band. The most weak moment was the time from Creative Killings and Savage or Grace at that time we had people in the band with the complete wrong attitude and were killing the band with this. Right now with the last 2 records the band is stronger than ever before and i hope we can continue like way.

Does the flame and the passion fade away after almost thirty years of action or are you equally driven as you were back in the early recordings (your first three albums are insane by the way)?

When i look to my self i still have the same passion and motivation as 30 years ago. Sinister is for me much more than only the band for me its a way of living.But for the most its not like this at all. They always start with so much motivation and after some years you see the change already and maybe i will face the same stuff again in the future .. we shall see. And sorry to say this but the last two records are same insane or maybe more than the first 3 albums .. i will say listen really good to this.

Your latest release “Dark Memorials” is a cover album. Is it the result of a long time of thought or did you just decide to record some covers one day?

This year the band was recording 25 years death metal for the extreme fans on the globe. So in the beginning i didnt want to do something thing special but the rest of the band said its a special moment lets do something for this, so than we came with the idea for the cover record.

I’m glad you didn’t execute the most classic tracks by the bands you covered. For example, Kreator’s “Under the Guillotine” and Slayer’s “Necrophiliac” are not the songs you first mention when thinking of these bands… Yet really powerful! Did you work out song picks all together?

Yes correct we found out together what tracks needed to come on the record. Everybody has his own fav tracks and bands ofcourse,but we said it have to bands that was important for Sinister back in the days .. so than we came up with tracklist.

Also, “Beneath the Remains” is the best Sepultura album, right? Haha…

O yes this record still kills .. for me by far their best but also like the stuff before this one, and Arise is also still good !!!

Anyway, I enjoyed the record a lot and I think your personal character was present at all tracks, they were not just covers. Compared to your own albums, was it harder / easier / as enjoyable to create?

To find out all the riffs and stuff and practice this is of course a lot of work.It’s of course not so much work than creating new songs for Sinister and practice this and try the song in 100 different ways, hahaha. There is also not so much pleasure than with your own music so you can say it was enjoyable to do this record.

As a 25th anniversary album, you included a DVD of your Australian Tour 2014. What can you say to your fans about the movie they’ll watch along with the music when they purchase the record?

Its more a road movie from around one hour filmed by everybody how had his hands free for the camera hahaha. We filmed for more than 6 hours but at the end most of the stuff the quality was not good enough .. so only a small hour was left that was good enough.

“Dark Memorials” also has two re-recorded tracks from your debut album “Cross the Styx”. How was that decision taken? Did you feel like including a bit more than just covers in the record or did you want the specific recordings to be improved?

Yes not only the covers but also something from the past. The cool thing is that Ron v/d Polder is doing guitars on this track. With him i started the band back in the days.

As an early death metal band, do you believe you have been influenced more by thrash or death metal?

I think from both and you can hear this back in our music and still can hear this. Now we are already at the point for a long time that we dont need to listen to other bands anymore to get ideas we can do our own thing.

I consider you a successful band, at least musically. How hard was it to keep going for so long, not only in terms of inspiration but also the financial support, the personal life / family time?

Because i love to do this its that simple for me. Its my passion so never get bored from it. I am lucky that i have a family behind me how support me in this for 100% and that is ofcourse really important .. i know that by the most its not like this.

I know it’s a typical question but it’s always interesting to see what the bands themselves have to suggest at times… Are you keeping track of the current death metal scene, any acts you recommend?

O yes i do i am not only in Sinister but also a big fan of extreme music. So i like to know what is going on around me with bands. Still buy cd’s and shirts and other kind of stuff but its not possible to know everything with so many bands around.

Many people outside metal flame the genre for being violent and corrupting the youth by exposing them to gore and death… What do you have to say to those people? How has Sinister helped you personally over the years?

In a very positve way ofcourse.All my free time and energy was going to Sinister and still is. So when you can focus on something that you really like to to do .. do it for 100% it will give you a great feeling.

You have a lot of plans for live shows in Holland and around Europe until the end of September. Are there any plans to come in Greece maybe?

Man we love to come and play for you extreme metal heads .. but for now no offers for that lets hope it will change soon.

What does the future hold for Sinister?

Playing live shows around the globe and recording new music. That’s the reason i play this music to travel and meet all our fans in the world .. best thing there is.

Thanks for your time! Send a message to your fans worldwide…

Thanks alot for the interview and to our fans all over the globe i like to say .. thanks alot for your support and come to our lives shows enjoy yourself in the pit and at the end we see you by the bar.

The gate of the cavern is despair, and its floor is paved with the gravestones of abandoned hopes. There Self must die; there the eagerness, the greed of untamed desire must be slain, for only so can the soul be freed from the empire of Fate.
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