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Interview with SiXforNinE


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Welcome to our zine. We are glad to have you here.

Welcome. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

SixForNine will soon celebrate a decade in the industry. How has the band’s progress developed for you so far?

The truth is that, as a band we might be playing for a decade, but it’s only been four years since our first release. So the world didn’t know us until 2015. The band’s course has evolved at a relatively slow rate for a variety of reasons. Mostly because of the way we write. We jam together for endless hours in the studio and then listen to the material to find out what’s worth of keeping and what’s not. This allows us to double-filter our music and make a more laid-back choice of what we should take out to the world.

Your second album “Parallel Universe” was released a few months ago. Tell us a bit about the whole process of making it.

The album’s creative process was exactly the same as the first one. Playing for endless hours, yet the difference this time is that Fotis was a big part of it. In terms of the technical part, for the mixing and mastering,, we worked in a different way than the previous album. We actually heard real-time changes made by Paul Pavao (the Mix Room) during the mixthat were happening quickly and instantly. This, of course, saved us a lot of time, because the entire communication was excellent as well. Everything escalated sooner.

What’s different when it’s compared to your debut?

One major difference was that there was another singer, so Fotis found some finished material. This, of course, made his job even more difficult. In this album, the tracks are written for Fotis’ vocal lines. We also think that this album, besides the evolved performance, has a better songwriting but also its’ own character.

During summertime, you appeared on the “Release Athens festival”, on the Disturbed / Anthrax day. What did you get from that performance?

Definitely some publicity. It is one of the biggest festivals in Greece right now, so there were thousands of people around us. This live was a great kickstart for the album, but also a great challenge for two main reasons. The first was that we hadn’t played live for almost 2 whole years. Since we were in the process of composing new material in the studio in the studio, we weren’t “hot” enough. The second was that it’s a big stage, which can “devour” you and make you look so tiny. Fortunately, however, we played decently and gained the audience’s eyes, even if they hadn’t even heard the album tracks yet.

Without trying to be a cliché, do I really want to ask, you SixForNine musical identity that you would classify?

We support free speech, so we are not that fond of labels. However, we think we are somewhere between the alternative and the progressiv genre. But that might change in the future.

Would you say things are going well for musicians in Greece today? To be more specific, I turn the axis especially to those who do not have a large group of friends in the industry and not so many opportunities to play live, consequently.

Having experienced the 90’s music scene in Greece, I would say it’s better than ever for many reasons and worse than ever for one main reason. At the moment, a musician in Greece has the opportunity of a much higher level of music studies, access to better and more economical equipment, better organized stages as well as better rehearsal and recording studios. There is help from people with expertise and much experience. We no longer have to deal with the taboo that a musician is a “hobbyist”. However, after the digitalization of the sound industry, the music industry went downhill, making the creation of discography very difficult, and the whole concept of the music industry non-existent, after all. Someone who really wants to become a professional or make a band, has nothing to be afraid of. Knowning a lot of people is not something huge. It all comes with hard work and tons of live performances. A very active musician who has something interesting to tell to the world, will be appreciated.

Let’s get back to “Parallel Universe” a little bit. Which track would you say is special and why?

It is very difficult for me to pick just one track, so I’ll have to mention three.First of all, “Counting stars”, because it’s the most diverse one of the album. Then “Out of the Blue”, because even while rehearsing it, there are moment I find myself shuddering before it. Finally, “Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining” every single thing that makes SiXforNinE a band.

What is the “secret recipe” for some smooth collaboration between members during recordings?

Respect, admiration, consistency and appetite for experimentation.

What do you wish for the new year, considering I write these questions down on December 20th?

Health and smiles for everyone. Also, we wouldn’t say “No” on a Metallica tour!

What should we expect from you on January 4th, on Gagarin’s stage?

I’ll just mention that there are two high quality drummers in the band. I will let your imagination go free.

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