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Interview with Stallion


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New blood in the world of heavy metal, Stallion from Germany having released a demo and a fantastic EP are ready for their first album! Metal Invader contacted Paul, vocalist of the band for more information!

Hello from Greece Paul! Stallion is an upcoming force in Heavy Metal, so give us a short bio of the band.
Äxxl (Guitars) and I started the band in 2013 but we always had the dream of STALLION since we have been sharing a flat and everything else for 6 years, haha. At first we couldn´t find the right people for the band cause we always had a special concept of the band and its sound so we decided first to write, record and release our first EP „Mounting the World“ all by ourselves. We did it and the reaction of the scene just blew us away. So we formed the whole lineup with good friends of ours from other bands and that´s it. Together we just wrote and recorded our first full length Album ‘Rise and Ride’ which is about to come out on High Roller Records on September 12th, hell yeah.

‘Mounting The World’ delivers Heavy Metal but with many power/speed/thrash/glam elements. How do you define the music of Stallion?

Well we just do the sound we like and the way we want to listen to it ourselves, haha. For me it´s very important to combine different styles to make the music more exciting. I listen to a lot of different genres although Speed-, Thrash Metal and Hard Rock are my favorite ones. For me these styles belong together naturally and so that is why we write our songs this way, haha.

What bands do you consider influenced the music of Stallion? What was the main incentive behind the formation of the band?
Äxxl and I formed the band because we had to. The years went by and we were playing in different bands but we never did exactly what we wanted to do, you know. So we started Stallion only with us two stupid guys because we thought we would never do it if we would wait much longer.
Our main musical influences are mostly all bands from the eighties like Running Wild, Accept, Scorpions, Sodom, Warrant (ger), Mercyful Fate and so on…. Just to name a few of them.

In the song ‘Canadian Steele’ you refer to today’s Canadian metal scene with bands like Skull Fist, Cauldron, Striker etc. What is your opinion on the uprising classic metal phenomenon of the last years?
I´m totally happy with this trend. Some years ago you wouldn´t have had any chance to get a gig with the music we do now. There was only Death Metal and Metalcore bands at this time. Please don´t get me wrong, I fucking love Death Metal but it was very sad that the people didn´t want anything else than that, you know.
I think the people are much more open minded to different metal genres nowadays. I can feel that on festivals, concerts and at bars. I think that´s the right spirit cause for me Heavy Metal is one big thing and the people should belong together no matter what they listen to as long as they keep it true.

Who is responsible for writing music and lyrics in the band?
Well, Äxxl does nearly all the riffs which we arrange to complete songs with the whole band so everyone is kind of involved in the songwriting. I do all the lyrics.

Your first full length album ‘Rise and Ride’ will be out soon from high roller records. Any thoughts on that?

Yehaa, we are so happy that we made it in time. We recorded all the guitars, bass and vocals by ourselves and that turned out as a hard challenge, I can tell you. But we did it and I hope the fans will like it. The drum recordings have been done by our producer Patrick Engel from the Temple of Disharmony and he got us a real cool old-school sound on this album, yeah. I really like it and I just can´t wait to perform the songs live for you guys. We already played some of the songs live and the people just went crazy.

There will also be a bonus DVD on a special edition of the album where you can watch our very first live show ever on the Metal Assault Festival in February 2014 and also a video clip we did for the song “Wild Stallions” so stay tuned for that on!

What are your tour plans for the rest of 2014?  What about Greece?
We are so looking forward for our big European Tour with our friends of BULLET and STRIKER with 24 shows from September 18th till October 12th. I think it´s a very good package for the fans and I love these bands myself, so we will definitely have a good time out on the road. Unfortunately we won´t make it to Greece on this tour and that´s a fucking shame cause I would love to play for you guys as well as for the rest of the world. But I hope we will come to Greece next year, which would be awesome!

What bands would you like to share the stage with? What would be the ideal festival line-up for you to play on?
Wow, that´s a hard question. I think I would like to play with Iron Kingdom, Skull Fist, Striker, Lizzies, Iron Curtain, Axxion, Gama Bomb, Sodom, Exarsis, Tygers of Pan Tang, Jaguar, Blues Pills, Saint Vitus and so on…
And for the headliners I would like to have Alice Cooper, King Diamond and Led Zeppelin, haha.

What do you think of the German heavy metal scene nowadays? Give me a top 5 all-time German metal albums.
I think the scene is quite ok. As I already told respect is a very important thing for me and unfortunately there are still some idiots out there who just want to hate and fight everyone and everything. Fuck those bastards!
5 of the top all time German Metal Albums might be:
Sodom – Agent Orange, Helloween – Walls of Jericho, Scorpions – In Trance, Warrant – Enforcer, Running Wild – Gates to Purgatory

This is what comes to my head at the moment but please don´t force me to bring them in a numbered order, haha.

Ok Paul, that’s it. Thank you for your time! The epilogue is yours.
Oh yeah, thank you all for your support and check out the new Album „Rise and Ride“. Just can´t wait to rock the Greek-Stages so watch out! The STALLION will ride on, yehaa!

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