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Interview with Storrmbringer


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During Hellenic Metal Army festival (Larissa) and Storrmbringer’s performance, I had the chance to meet Costas (bass Storrmbringer, Warwolf, Dreamrites) and arrange this brief interview. Costas is well-know to the relative hangouts of Thessaly for his commitment to metal and his unwavering support to the local scene, not only with the participation of his band to concerts and other events, but as an individual who never misses a chance to attend the local gigs.

Hi Costas! It’s always a pleasure to catch up during a live gig or a festival. For start, tell us some information about Storrbringer.
Hi Giorgos and thank you for the hospitality in Metal Invader!
The band exists since 2006, when we started rehearsing, performing some covers and some of our own songs. Later, in 2009 we released our first full-length album, “Among the Flames of War”, and last year “Further Beyond” EP. The current members are: Tryfonas – Vocals, Dimitris – Guitar, Costas – Bass and Nikos – Drums.

Your last year’s EP had some very positive reviews. What’s the crowd’s reaction to it?
At first, we want to thank the press for the reviews! The reaction was also very positive from the fans, as well as from people that hadn’t have the chance to listen to us in the past.

Can we consider the EP as a precursor of the next album? When can we expect something new?
“Further Beyond” ’s style is Heavy/Power and reflects the current musical direction of the band. It surely gives a taste of our fore coming album! We are already working on some new stuff and we will be glad to inform you about any progress in the future.

Classic Heavy/Power Metal influences are obvious throughout your work. Do you personally like this genre or it is something that just comes out? Do you listen to other stuff?
I’d like to note that we don’t seek to present something specific on the genre you mentioned, although we like this kind of music. I believe that in the time between our first album and the EP, anyone can notice new additions and new elements in each member’s field.

Winter is coming and is expected to be rich concerning live gigs and concerts. Have you arranged some appearances?
It is nice to hear about live performances and stuff! We have some invitations and there is a good chance to play at Patra, where we have never performed before.

From my knowledge, you are into some other projects except Storrbringer, at the time being. Tell us some words about them.
I’ve been invited by Warwolf (Larissa) to help them in a gig and consequently they asked me to stay in the band. The group’s musical direction is NWOBHM with a lot of blues rock elements and within next month our full-length album will be released. Members are: Christos – Guitar, Vocals, Michalis – Drums, Costas – Bass. After some months, with the encouragement of the one guitarist of Murder Angels (Larissa), I’ve been proposed to form a band with a classic Heavy Metal direction. The line-up of this group is: Alexandros from Pandoras Box – Vocals, Costas – Bass, Dimitris from Murder Angels – Guitar, Vaggelis from Murder Angels – Guitar and Michalis from Warwolf – Drums, and its name is Dreamrites. In the current time we are at a recording phase!

How is the situation in Volos? I mean, it is sure that a band in the region has to face more difficulties than the respective ones from Athens or Thessaloniki, but there is a difference from town to town, too. Are there any “cells” of heavy music? Is the crowd supportive?
As you mentioned in the province things are more difficult since there are not many events where you can present your work and your music. On the other hand, we also have a hard time going to a larger city to support a concert, due to moving expenses and other obligations. I can say that there are some places where heavy music is supported and presented, but the participation is relatively small.

Thank you for your time Costas. You can conclude this conversation with whatever message you want.
On behalf of the band I want to thank you Giorgos, and also everyone who support and listen to our music. Especially, we want to encourage the fans to support the local scene!

"Μoderation does not necessary mean open-mindness".

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