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Interview with Streetwise


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Metal Invader had a talk with hardcorer’s STREETWISE known for their powerfull performances and their unique style, in await for their gig as a support act to the legendary Backfire! So let’s see what the guys had to tell us.

Good evening George! Welcome to Metal Invader! I hope everything flows smoothly at the Streetwise camp! As we know, in a few days you will perform as a support act next to the legendary Hardcore band, Backfire! How do you feel about it? Are you ready? Have you prepared any surprises for us?

Hey, Elpida!!! We are at our best phase, stronger than ever. We are looking forward to this gig, especially myself, for I’ve been a fan of the band since 1996. I grew up listening to Backfire! The surprise we were preparing is already known, since we have a new bass player in the band, who has worked too much to catch up with us and be ready for the gig. He was already a supporter of the band and a good friend, so we bonded immediately in the band.

Staying on the subject of your live performances, in about a month will be participating inStreetwise,Hardcore,Greece,News,Interviews,2016,Straight From The Heart Records Heartcore Festival Vol  1, which, to tell the truth, is currently the largest modern sound festival in Greece. As I imagine, you’re eager to perform there!

We’re look forward to play there of course; to put our own stone in the effort of our label to show that even in Greece, we can create the conditions to lift up the standards of the quality of the local events and reach the levels of abroad; too teach people to appreciate the Greek groups and the effort everybody puts in them to make things work and denounce anything connected to the cheap and full of crap ideologies that some promote as an alternative choice or DIY.

How do you see the Greek audience? Have its guidelines or their demands changed? Is it attached to the past (praising only the old school that is) or does it embrace the efforts made by modern bands?

The old school hardcore is unfortunately in crisis. Most of the audience consists of young people who listen to genres that are in fashion these days, such as metalcore. The hardcore bands are reduced dramatically, but at least those bands that have survived, receive the respect of the crowd. I’m trying to make the youth love hardcore music via Streetwise and thankfully this is assisted by events, such as the one with Backfire!

Since a reference has been made to Heartore Festival, Streetwise belong to the dynamic roster of Straight From The Heart, a label that is strengthened day by day. Initially, how did your collaboration was put to the table and secondly how do you feel about it? It’s obvious that the label has supported you in many ways.

I’m friends with George Pyrounakis for many years now. With respected me as a person from the first moment I met him, when times were difficult for me and my band. Many things connect us, especially the appreciation of all things well-crafted, the appetite for work and creation and the detestation for rubbish, false and hypocritical stuff. His label has offered us incredible support, and not only in career issues, but also morally against those who don’t want Streetwise high, staying loyal to our side.

Streetwise have been around for about eight years now, so it’s only logical for you to have experiences many situations. Firstly, what would you say has changed in the scene over the years? Have these changes affected you or the scene in general?  

Streetwise started romantically. They landed unevenly and now carry on realistically. There have been many changes, no doubt about it. The hardcore scene is non – existent for me. Everyone now is going on his own way. As a person, being 36 at age, I don’t feel obliged to put up with people or bands because the music we play is similar to one another. I don’t like politicizing the hardcore genre, I don’t like the fascism of DIY supporters who you’re your balls saying you shouldn’t play a gig in a club or other venues. Streetwise play their music for themselves and those so truly love them. For me, these people are the essence of the scene, not those who dig my grave.Streetwise,Hardcore,Greece,News,Interviews,2016,Straight From The Heart Records

Once you’ve been around for almost a decade, certainly you must have had your ups and downs. You would like to share with us the worst and of course the best moment of Streetwise until today?

The worst moment was when some dickheads of the scene with certain political views, garbage of society, revolutionaries of nothingness, with pockets filled with their daddy’s money, talked shit about our band and slandered us, labeling us with political views that have nothing to do with us. We’ve always been an apolitical band. The best moment however, was certainly the gig with Biohazard!!! No comments are needed here…

To what extent has influenced your path the fact that you come from the city of Larissa? Has the city ever been an obstacle on your way or has it influenced in any way any of your decisions as a band?

I think it is a great asset for us to come from Larissa. We are in the center of the country and our transportations are not so excessive, kilometers and financials considered. Also, it’s kind of dope for us to be considered hicks and country bumpkins.

Streetwise,Hardcore,Greece,News,Interviews,2016,Straight From The Heart RecordsA few weeks ago, you released online your split with Morphinject! To my knowledge, this split will be released in a physical copy as well, shortly thereafter. Are you satisfied with this release? What was the feedback you received? I mean, are you happy with the crowd’s response?

I’m a huge fan of vinyl records. I had written several new songs and thought to record two of them and make a release that would possibly have sales prospects within and outside Greece. Morphinject is one of my favorite Greek bands so I think that was a good decision for us and the label. The response was quite positive, but everything will be proven when the 7inch will come into our hands. If you think that we still sell CDs at homeland and abroad and that we recently had a proposal from a label in Australia to release a split record with one of that label’s bands, then this means that we did something right.

Have you got any new material in the works? In what phase are you from a creative point of view?

During autumn, we will get back to the studio for new songs. I have enough material ready. I don’t know yet how we will manage it. Many good pieces are waiting to be recorded.

Streetwise,Hardcore,Greece,News,Interviews,2016,Straight From The Heart RecordsOn a more general level, what are the goals and ambitions of Streetwise? Surely you’ ve already done a lot of things so far, but is there another goal that you are trying to achieve?

The only goal is to be active for at least 20 more years, in spite of how crazy this sounds, and to release nice music.

Thank you very much for your time! Close the interview anyway you want! What message would you like to send to our readers?

We are living through difficult times. Open your eyes, ears and mind to be able to survive with dignity and your head held high. Be thankful for what you’ve got and try for the best. As for the music, enjoy it and take the positive things it can offer. Wishing health and work for everyone.

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