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Interview with Suicidal Angels


Suicidal Angels are about to release their seventh album and Metal Invader took the band on a trip down memory lane. Was it all good, was it bad? Well the fans sure love them and they are going to have another chance to see them together with Slayer this Saturday at AthensRocks Festival. 

You are about to release your seventh album in early August. How distant do your first steps and dreams seem?

I really haven’t realized how quickly these years have passed, I swear to you. I myself don’t get how we reached album number 7. It seems so close that I find it very difficult to think that it has been over 15 years … basically 13 years since the first official release, almost unthinkable. 2005 seems like yesterday, when we were working on mixing our first official EP. Wow, you took me too far back, If I start remembering my school years, I was struggling to cover Black Magic … hahaha. Sooooo many things happened since then, we learned even more, we made many mistakes … but if you ask me, if or what I would change, I would tell you absolutely nothing! I would even like to repeat the same mistakes, these mistakes made me a better person, I learned through them.

Do you feel that with this album you are going up to an even higher level or stabilize for good the status you are in (whatever it is) now?

With each of our albums we try to go one step forward. We are evolving our music as we evolve with it over the years. With each opportunity that is given to us, we want to create something different, always in the context of thrash metal. I cannot tell you whether we are going up to a higher level or not, this is always something the fans can tell, time will tell, the release is in less than a month. So far, the reviews and comments we receive are very encouraging and we are very pleased with this, it gives us the strength to continue, to take one more step!

What are the differences with your previous album?

As I told you, in general and in a broader context, we like to evolve in each and every album, either musically or technically, or both. The new album has songs that we wanted to create long enough but we were not given the chance or the inspiration if you want. One of the main differences is that Kostas was present during the creation of this album. He didn’t come when the record was completed as in the previous one. Also in this album, the classic heavy metal influences have become more evident. It was like Judas Priest, Accept and Saxon came out from within, always combined with our thrash metal influences.


Tell us more about the recording process.

We started the recording process at Soundlodge Studios in Germany in August 2018, where together with our good friend Jorg Uken we recorded and worked on the drums. Then we had guitars, vocals and bass at Zero Gravity Studios in Athens, under the supervision of a good friend and longtime associate, Lefteris Nikas. Upon completion of the recordings, it was time for the mixing. This time we decided to work with Jens Bogren at Fascinaton Street Studio in Sweden. He did an amazing job. It gave exactly the character we have thought of, as well as the appropriate atmosphere!

The title ‘Years of Aggression’ denotes the gloom of our time or is it a more personal statement as a band?

The title represents both, not just one or the other. Unfortunately, it expresses the reality that we live more or less all of us out there. Respect is lost, everyone lives for something that they will not work for it, or they try to steal or ask to be given for free. And when this is not done, they become aggressive. In general we live in a climate of effervescence which won’t result in anything good and we all know that very well. Unfortunately, the story is repeated and this time will be irreversible. No, I’m not pessimistic, just realistic. As for the band, it’s a statement of a whole period, too many shifts and reorganization. I would say that it’s an allegorical title.

I know the questions are typical and maybe boring, so let’s go somewhere different. How did the interview with Νόστιμον ‘Ημαρ happened?

Not at all boring, they are basic information that everyone does not always ask. The interview came exactly as ours did. If someone wants to chat with us, we are open. We do not have blindfolds, we have no labels, we are hospitable to any chat.

Do you feel a politicized band? Could you write political songs with the concept of immigration or the rise of far right or a historical event with a political touch on the lyrics?

Being a member of a society automatically makes you political, wanted or not. I’m not however a member of any political party. I do not think I could write targeted lyrics, I don’t like it. The general targeting finds me somewhat opposed. I prefer through observation, intensive study of texts and not plain reading, the expansion of my spiritual horizons, to draw inspiration from there, there are no limits there …

What to expect from Suicidal Angels on July 13th?

A grand thrash metal show, haha. Speed, mosh pit, a setlist from almost all of our discography as well as Live presentation of two new tracks.

Do you think it will have a world similar to 2010 and the legendary Sonisphere with Big-4?

This is something I can’t predict because I’m not the event planner. I am very optimistic, though, that there will be a lot of people and all the bands will enjoy a great concert.

What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

The release of the album on August 9th and a few European festivals also in August and from autumn we start touring. We are a band that we do not like to sit on, we want to be on the road, play on festivals and clubs all around the world!

Thank you very much for your time, the epilogue is yours.

I thank you for this interview. I would like to thank everyone out there for their unwavering support over the years, i wish for health and hope everyone’s dreams to become reality!

Nikos Nakos
Nikos Nakos
“When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money.”

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