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Interview with Thy Art is Murder


Thy Art is Murder have proven already what they worth and those who have seen them perform, admit that it’s one of the best acts you can see live. So for those who didn’t have the opportunity so far, on July 11 at AN CLUB you are given another one and it would be not a good thing to miss it! Together with Thy Art is Murder, they’ll be performing Fall of Order, Mask of Prospero and Skybinder.

Hello guys and welcome to Metal Invader. How’s everything going?

Everything is great, the current European tour has been super fun and the weather has been great.

Playing in Greece a couple of times, how would you describe the Greek audience? How did you spend your free time while being here?

This will be our second time so we only have one experience to go from. The last time we played Athens was incredible and we hope to see an improvement this time around.

Since you’re coming from the edge of the world for us, what would you say would make the biggest impression to a European person seeing an Australian hardcore show? What did make an impression to you playing in Europe?

We aren’t really sure about Australia; the live music culture is totally different and maybe would feel a little subdued. The first thing we noticed about touring Europe was the level of participation and enjoyment we saw from fans all around, it’s truly a lifestyle for Europeans, and we love it.

You got attention towards your name even from the first EP and here you are still making good and relevant music. How do you feel about this journey so far? Do you expect it to last forever?

We feel great about the progression so far, as people, as a band and with our fans. As long as it’s is still this fun and rewarding to us, why stop.

Your latest album “Dear Desolation” was definitely an amazing return both for the band on the music spectrum and CJ’s place as a vocalist. People also took it very well as far as I know. Keeping the old team together was the best choice in the end?

Everything just lined up to make that album at that time, that’s all we can say.

You’ve dealt with anti-religious themes throughout most of your career. It’s also common seeing metalcore/hardcore bands making music about Christian ethics. Have you ever shared the stage with one? Engaged in a discussion or fight? What’s your criticism upon this subgenre?

I think they’re even labels releasing Christian hardcore records exclusively. We have of course toured with Christian bands and are friends with many of them, we just disagree with their beliefs, and more importantly their institutions. There is no need to resort to fighting, more often than not we have become closer through our disagreements as it leads to intelligent discussion, sometimes when looking for differences, we see more of our similarities too.

Is really everything in Australia trying to kill you?

Yes, especially us.

Thanks so much for your time. You can close this interview as you please.

Thank you for welcoming us back to Greece, we can’t wait to arrive!

Thanos Mitras
Thanos Mitras
It's got to be emotional,extremely fast or incredibly slow.

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